Business opportunities?

Wondering if there are any business opportunities to be a dealer or reseller of ILGM seeds in MN which has recently legalized pot?
Ive used ILGM for years & can sell the product
Plz advise, anybody?

Might check this out.
In Missouri we cannot sell any product at all. Only licensed dispensaries may sell.

The link will take you to the wholesale page.


I would submit the wholesale form. No one in the forum can help much aside from pointing you in the right direction as @Spiney_norman has done.

Be sure to check your state laws. A license to sell is required in most states.

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I was just reading the MN requirements.
They require germination % tests on all seeds you plan to sell.
I have not found how many the minimum seed count is. If its 100 that could be a killer especially if you have to do it for each strain/variety.

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Cannabis is one of the more regulated industries. All the regulation sets the cost and compliance barriers to entry pretty high.

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The minimum test sample size for germination % test I see is 2 ounces of seed.
Thats a lot of cannabis seed.

In reading the requirements for selling Cannabis seed this was the referred document.

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It is likely a requirement per seed lot as well. It sucks that they do these types of things. It doesn’t need to be regulated. If the germ rate is low, then the business won’t survive anyway.

I expect that you would have to move a lot of seeds to make the endeavor worthwhile.


Like most other states they seem to have not thought through the entire process or adjusted their documents for Cannabis.
That document says Hemp is prohibited for sale in MN.

On a side note,
We see a ton of people here, almost every day, complain about germination issues.
Even though a decent process is listed by ILGM.
Imagine selling to the general public and how many would come back angry about Dud seeds. I dont think it would be worth the hassle. I think growing and selling clones would be better as the inventory can be had cheaper than buying seeds for retail. Plus the plant is already up and growing and claims of bad plants are far harder to claim.


We have some advocates in my state, but I don’t expect even medical decriminalization until there is a federal legalization. That said, some municipalities have stopped prosecuting possession. Growing is still prosecuted as distribution and you get a drug dealing charge.

By the time we get there, there should be a better set of regulations that can be followed.


So you wanna get in the seed business eh?? Yet you got no seeds and want others to let you sell their work? Nope. Learn how to make a seed, put in the hours the failure and the time. Put your NAME on it, your sweat, blood and tears.

Short of that you just a wannabe seed pimp with no whores. People that want to make money off others hard work is frowned upon in the Cannibis world. You will get nothing but the blunt truth from me. As thats all you deserve. Try Amazon.

I also have nothing but disdain for those here who entertain such.