Looking for ideas and thoughts. Ask a farmer!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday season.

If you walked into a dispensary or grow shop and seen a business card, that looked legit, pretty much saying…

Ask a farmer! If you have a cannabis related question?

The card would say more obviously but the overall idea? Maybe touching on everything from growing to hashing to cooking.


Ok, slow down, take another puff, and ask that question again sir.


Are you wanting to offer a service, consulting, mentoring, or ???


Being a grow consultant has a real appeal. I have thought about it as well.
You can have a basic one time charge for a home service call or a flat fee for an entire grow cycle for a single run. Could be there are already others doing this. I am gonna do a little research.


I tried to get the local green house grower they are legal Hemp and now Cannibis growers. Thought a visit to see not just listen to my questions, so far nope. I would appreciate a helpful visit :relaxed:

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Provided the person handing out the card is better than, you know, you read it here all the time…“I have a friend that grows and he told me…”
Based on my reading of your posts, you pass the test.


It really wouldn’t be a “friend of a friend can grow hood weed” type of thing. Let’s back up alittle bit….

I have been growing/ cultivating for a large outdoor tear 2 facility. We have two dispensaries in the area and are linked up with other farms. Here’s a few pics.
Heck we did a tour for Dutchie last month.

I have also been growing medically for the past many years.

I was thinking for if a consulting type service. Maybe off donations to play it safe. I have been thinking about it for quite some time now. Our bud tenders could even pass out the cards. Maybe have alittle tri-fold at the counters with some facts, photos ect. Have the cars next to it with contact info and what not.

What do ya all think?

@JayDawg Smoke a few more fattys on his he way to the farm this morning. My thoughts are now alittle more in order. :wink:


All the above, improves everybody’s skill.
Sadly, violates “Fight Club Rule”


Please explain the Fight Club Rules… I thought there weren’t any.

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We Don’t talk about fight club, I thought.
College tuition is paid so persons can expand their experiences.
Placing a value on the learning process would be difficult and possibly more trouble than it’s worth.
Forum contributors are doing a valuables service, for free. Amazingly powerful learning platform, truely blessing us.


Fair enough :zipper_mouth_face: :green_heart:


Very nice , I like the way you think go big. I think it’s a great idea After you help somebody a couple of times hands on they should be off to the races , you would need word of mouth To generate new customers.
Happy growing :v:


The only problem I could see is liability side. Unless it’s a free service. Once it’s paid service, you are liable for failure. Like if some dumba** brings people in their street clothes thru the facility you consulted for and gets root mites or mosaic virus. Then aren’t you $$ liable for the loses. Yikes.

You would need a 10 page waiver form for liability signed in the consulted parties own blood to touch that with a 10 foot pair of clippers. People pay lawyers to think of new ways to press lawsuits. Especially when some investors new 10miiin dollar facility had a failed harvest… let’s blame that consultant we paid.

You would want to be hired regular staff or as a temp by the grower.

Consulting for a new startup commercial business with the growth and legalization push thats happening across the usa has a nitche somewhere.

As for the personal closet or casual outdoor grommie, i found this place and as pointed out earlier, its free and priceless.

Hippie, you have a heart of gold, displayed here by your positive vibes, giving and sharing, and positive :pray: greeting towards all, with your organic spirit, you would be an asset to any startup business. Your knowledge, wisdom share here is resume #1

You have alot of references if ever needed.


In-home Cannabis Consultations with a Pharmer!!

Love it!!


@Mosca speachless after reading that. You all are simply amazing in more ways then ya all know.

Man, I sure wish I could get some of ya guys and gals out on our farm. We would have such a solid crew of cannabis lovers with positive vibes. Haha you all make me smile inside and out.

Happy farming everyone…


Since someone was looking at future consulting. Bump

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Thanx buddy! I’m always willing to lend a helping hand.

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