Can you spread disease by sharing a joint?

I know this probably seems paranoid, but I ran into an old friend from high school, and smoked a J with him. I know that my friend has hepatitis, and didn’t want to be an asshole, but got a little worried about swapping spit on a J.

Is this a legitimate concern, or am I worrying over nothing?

Chances of spreading blood borne disease via joint sharing is extremely remote, but I believe anything is possible. I’ve read that STD’s are more likely in a scenario with crack smokers, as open wounds are common within the mouth and gums.

I’d be more worried about a cold, flu, meningitis or mono; something on those lines.

If you are that paranoid, it’s probably not a good idea to share.


Whenever im smokin with the “Sketchy” i hold the joint pinched in my fingers and put my lips on my fingers and keep the joint from touching my mouth… But ya i have freaked out sometimes vut nothing has ever happened and i smoked witha alot of skanks and wasteoids. BTW remind me not to smoke after you now lol


You’re okay as long as you gargled with bleach. J/k :joy:


Relax… Your fine…

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One of my usual crew down the beach said the same thing earlier this summer only it was how about some girl he didn’t know and then some guy she knew when what have you and he asked this question about his glass pipe

…so after we all bagged on him for a while nobody wanted to smoke out of his pipe so we talked about it…

Eventually we (mainly) agreed that in this situation we should take a page from former first lady Nancy Reagan, and just say no :wink:


If your smoking from glass, just heat it up. No worries. Joints or blunts will pass any infectious diseases passable by saliva or mucous.

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