Bowl Vs Joint Tell me what you think

I am a newer patient and i wasnt a big smoker. Why is it that it takes 1/2 a joint to get me high. But i smoke 3 hits off a my new bowl and i am way higher then the joint. Is there a reason for this?


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I’ve been a daily user since 1975. I have never preferred a joint in part, because of what you cited. I just don’t get as stoned on a doobie. Primarily it’s because of the reek on my hands clothes and person after a doobie whereas, that would not jive with my need to also work and function in society as someone who can not be reeking in the supermarket because of who my luck will have me run into.

My regular connection for 20 yrs was only a joint smoker. He always had a few rolled in his pocket. I could sit in his living room and smoke four joints and I would indeed be high, but I couldn’t evaluate my purchase fully until I got home a did a bong or two. I’ve always preferred water pipes/bongs and I can get as high on two good bong hits as I can on any joint. Not sure why, it just is.

I do use bowls whenever I am out or away from home. I like being able to load small ones (two hitters) and dump for a freshie!! I recently acquired a gifted glass blunt from a fellow forum dweller @Willd which I will say, works much better for me than the classic rolled “j.”


@Rayofsunshine Clean glass over a joint here, but I’ve broken less joints than glass. :slight_smile: Always more enjoyable to me.

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And don’t get me wrong, joints have their place and I roll one up every so often to mimic the cigs I miss so much. At a gathering or in certain situations, yes joints are good and handy even.


I know what you mean. 30years of camel’s that I left behind, hopefully for the last time.


Amen! @Screwauger. I alway’s preferred a water pipe to a joint, plus I hate rolling joints. I don’t know, but they alway’s got a bad run up one side and somebody would spit on there finger and wipe it on so the run would not continue. I am sorry, but once somebody does that I am finished with that joint. I think it is disgusting and a great way to spread germs. I had to voice my opinion! Thanks for listening, Mike


Bahama I never looked at it like that. If I’m in a social setting usually a blunt will do, if I’m with my mother, she only smokes js. At home I have a small water pipe I use. And like @Screwauger said it’s primarily for quality and intensity of high and no smell on me. I work for prestigious company known world wide, I can’t leave my house to run to the gas station without possibility of running into someone. Kinda small town. So glass water bong is mine but again everything has its time and place


I never really thought about how very disgusting joints are until you pointed it out. Not sure I should thank you. Lol. I love this thread.


I prefer a bowl if I’m smoking alone. A joint is better with a group of people.

My little input…


For 40+ yrs I’ve always preferred a pipe. smiley-smoking-bongJust don’t like cleaning it


I agree, I prefer a water pipe. And I clean mine daily, so it only takes a few minutes. I do go through a good bit of alcohol, but it’s worth it to me to not taste mostly resin with each hit. And that first bowl in the morning through freshly cleaned glass is the best.


Ok after smoking last night i really got to thinking about this lol. This is my opinion it might not be actually factual but i think it has to do with surface area. In a bowl lets say you have 1/2 inch total surface area that you ignite all at once along with the Depth of the bowl that also gets heated so the initial toke burns a lot more of the THC at once so you would in fact get higher then say a average joint with only lets be conservative of 1/4 in diameter (i don’t roll Cannons) so each hit you’re burning a much smaller surface area. Could this be the reason?


I love my glass at home also. My daughter just broke my first glass piece ugg now i need to get a bowl for my dab rig. I had two different glass pieces one for dabs and one for reg smoking. I even noticed i got higher on the water pipe with a different strain i was smoking at the time. Like i smoked a whole joint and was moderately high and packed a bowl on my water pipe and was ripped.


Just noticed the emoji is sucking on the bowl piece. Lol.


I only have rolling papersnow because they came with my Mammoth P sample.
I haven’t bought a pack of papers in at least 25 years

I would have to say bowl. It is just easier, and I go through less meds. I do like a nice blunt or cone now and then though. I just try to change it up to keep the experience from being the same day after day…

But the bottom line is, long as I have one or the other, I am happy… :v:


What do you fine people @Sasquatch @Ron330 @Screwauger @raustin @elheffe702 @FloridaSon @mcicchino @soniclos @Rayofsunshine

use to clean your glass. I have been using Orange Cronic but find it a bit pricey for just pouring down the drain. I do use it more then once though.


Personally I like changing it up. We have a bong, a dab pipe (for kief), a glass pipe (my least favorite), a loose leaf vape and papers. I’ve noticed the same phenomenon as @Screwauger and never really thought about why a spliff doesn’t get you there as quickly.

I’ve been finding that if I change up different strains; say I smoke WW for 3 or 4 days in the evening then switch to Gold Leaf it gives me bigger “kick”. Not sure if that’s in my head or it really helps.

I love my joints though and you’re right: they are more sociable than a bong. (I ALWAYS flash to that scene in Van Wilder, toking on a c0@k pump lmao!)


I asked that same question a few months back.
Consensus was kosher salt and rubbing alcohol.
I bought 2 bottles of 91% alcohol and a large box of kosher salt.
Works great especially on my bong in areas where one just couldn’t get a paper towel or similar object.


I ordered some of this the other day… Heard it was really good and fast cleaning glass pipes.

I’ve used a lot of things , including simple green