Etiquette for sharing

Hey, y’all. I’ve got family coming to visit, and they’re very interested in my grow and trying my weed. I’ve never provided MJ to anyone before.

What’s the etiquette for sharing? I use a vaporizer, and I have some cookies. The vaporizer is a Magic Flight Launch Box, which takes some technique to use, so it’s not good for someone who’s just trying it once. One of my guests is sort of calorie conscious, so may not want to eat a cookie.

Should I get a pipe, too? I don’t think any of us could roll a joint if our lives depended on it. What’s the easiest thing?



Not a pipe… Just get a bong, a big one. … That will be a fun moment.


Glass or old school metal pipe would be my answer… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Just get some zigzag pre rolled cones! The black dragonberry is delish. All you do is pack it and light it up😎
Warning: it takes at least an 8th to pack one🙃


@Lia What a gracious hostess you are. How long do you have until they arrive? Is it like today or this weekend or do you have some time to prepare? Does that vaporizer you have use dry flower or do you make your own vape juice? If you have some time until they arrive check out the vape thread in the Members Lounge/recipe area - it’s easy to do if you have the time and grab a simple little vape pen to fill like this that any one including a newbie can use.

If you don’t have time then I would just serve your cookies. You’re sharing your wonderful harvest with them to try which I am sure will be appreciated. As much as you want to be cognizant of peoples dietary needs you aren’t exactly giving someone with a peanut allergy, a PB Cookie. One or two cookies shouldn’t break the calorie bank for those watching their weight. That’s my 2 cents.


when visitors arrive at my humble abode,and like to partake in some mmj. i try to roll everyone their own dubbie so that all can enjoy at their own pace…no swapping spit either…lol anyway enjoy your time with family!

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NOT edibles; too unpredictable. Buy an old-school pipe for $6, and let them choose between the pipe and the vape. . .

(My first choice for sharing would be a joint, but if no one can roll one . . . !)

Have fun! :sunny:

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I would get a cheapo bong to filter smoke just incase they aren’t experienced smokers. Ice cubes are a nice addition for groups. Edibles can be very strong so I honestly would only serve those if it would be an overnight deal.
Just remember to pass to the left :wink:

I like the idea of the cones. I was going to suggest one of those zig zag rollers. They’re like $4 and you can roll doobies like a pro.


@Lia do a YouTube search for rolling a joint with a dollar :dollar: bill
Super simple and every one comes out perfect
My wife got it right on the first try
Check out this video on YouTube:


Trust me someone will be able to twist one up then just have them show you how it is a very useful thing to know . Roll one and go watch the sunset over the lake by my house is a favorite of mine .


They’re arriving Monday and staying several days, so overnight is a possibility. One has only ever gotten paranoid when she smoked pot but that was high thc street weed, and mine is way couch locky.

So, I’ll get some rolling papers and maybe we’ll have a laugh learning how together. :upside_down_face:


I use the dollar bill method. Its easy does not have to be overly shredded just broken up. It can be a bit wasteful though. Bongs are my preferred method of personal choice but if a person has a beard then it may not work. pipes are ok but it takes too many to try before I like the smoke just because they can be harsh. Some smoke good others not.

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Let us know how this goes please :') sounds absolutely hillarious. Supplied MJ she says… Your just having a friendly better, far healthier option than alcohol as a social substance . Have fun kids :smiley:

@Lia my vote is for an old school bong as well. A little ice in there to cool the smoke a bit and it’s party on Garth!


Apple pipe!

KISS Method

I would leave your laptop or ipad out with the rolling papers and dollar bills to go around Plates around the table for the overflow Big bowl of pot in the middle of the table and have a rolling party! You guys are gonna have a blast. (At least one or two can probably do it with their eyes closed… Like riding a bike!) lol @Lia

The iced bong would be cool too, but its a little short notice and you dont want them sleeping for days!

You could play this video too! Cred to @Ray4x

This will definitely have everyone laughing!



Be very carefully on who you let in… myself " NO ONE SHOULD KNOW PERIOD "

All they should know is that you have some good weed THAT’S IT !!

You can’t trust anyone and I mean anyone. I just learned this the hard way.



Not even @bob31 or @Countryboyjvd1971?

@Lia I agree 100% you shouldn’t show them any of your rooms what you have growing just say you got a good hook up you being the only one who knows will keep you out of trouble !!! And if you go to a smoke shop you can pick up some of the raw cones very easy to pack and has a filter on it the cardboard filter but it still won’t get crap in your mouth and you just pack them very simple good luck have fun

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