Can you flush organic soil?

What’s up folks! So my question is pretty much what the title says, can you flush organic soil? I am currently using down to earth dry fertilizer and have 1 pheno that’s real finicky when it comes to nitrogen. She’s currently toxic…I’ve heard conflicting stories about whether or not you can flush organic soil. Anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks for your help in advance!

What strain, ILGM purple haze

Method: Soil, FFOF…Down to Earth dry organic fertilizer

Vessels: Pots- 10g fabric

PH of Water, Solution, 6.3-6.5

PPM/TDS or EC n/a


Light system…sf4000

Temps; no higher than 80, no lower than 70 all time

Humidity; between 40-50%

Ventilation system; don’t need

AC, central

Co2; no

What’s the plant look like? Some plants just like to claw. I’ve had a few that have done it since day 1 and still turned out great. Here’s an example of one


Technically you can flush any soil

Water is the universal solvent.
With enough water you can flush anything


A TDS stick would help see that.

@BobbyDigital it’s death nitrogen toxic. Dark green, super curled and clawed leaves with limp stem. She’s always been extra finicky with nitrogen. Have another pheno from the same batch, no problems at all, same feed.

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@StonedCold13 I have a TDS meter but I’ve never felt the need to use one when growing organic. This style of fertilizing feeds the microbes which in turn feeds the plant. Never saw any logic in Flushing the medium when all of that stuff will still be in there regardless of how much water. That’s why I was looking for some feedback from folks who have experience in this specifically and how they fixed excessive nitrogen

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@Mr_Wormwood do you have any experience doing this with organics?? The plant is pretty stressed out right now and I’d hate to go pouring water on it if it won’t do anything in the end ya know??

Nope, it was an off the cuff comment. Perhaps you can’t flush organics

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That may be genetic man. They are straightening out as they get older.

Here’s a pic of that jack I posted earlier at a young age


Don’t think you are correct. I flush other plants in soil when I see a problem, organic feed of course. Sorry if your unsure with you fancy weed!

@StonedCold13 yeah you sound like you know a lot :man_facepalming:

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@BobbyDigital no dude, your plant looks great! Stem looks strong, leaves are curled but they’re lively…This plant I have, Tops on it are damn near like a wet noodle LOL… if mine looked as good as yours does, I wouldn’t have posted in the first place LOL

Anybody else have experience with this?? I know I can’t be the first one with nitrogen toxicity in organic soil :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Interesting. I’m not sure if flushing will help or if letting her dry completely to slow microbe nutrient production would help. Heard molasses could help alleviate an abundance of nitro but I’ve never tried it so can’t say if it’s legit. Let’s see if @AAA or @Mrcrabs are around.

Why would you not be able to flush it? I get that you want someone with real world experience(which you got, above)
I don’t see what you’re after. I told you you can flush with enough water and you poo poo what I say, which is fine. I don’t have real world experience with your exact problem
Just common sense that you can flush it with enough water, might take a lot but water grinds rocks down so they can wash nutrients away

Then someone who grows with organics gives you advice and you outright insult them

Good luck with your grow, I hope that it’s everything you have dreamed of

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Organics to me is creating a soil that is alive. A soil that your plants can thrive on that is not nutrient locked in any way. Preparation of the soil should start many weeks before you plan on transplanting your plants.
Organic additives will have a harder time accumulating in the dirt than most commercial solutions.
When in doubt flush! This will hurt nothing. You will not kill, drowned or ruin the hard work you have put in. Once flushed start back up with 1/2 the amount you would normally feed.
More is not always better. Especially with Organics.
Happy growing…


I’ve flushed hot chicken shit to grow pizza toppings, I’ve flushed my eyes when not wanted things jump in,I’ve flushed many vegetables that was sold to be eattin(who does that). Hell even flush my meats,kinda, before I cut it’s throat. You ask a simple question about flushing, Yes, you can most certainly flush that plant with straight water. Will it help your problem? That I can not answering over a photo. But I am positive someone here can. Good lucky buddy, hope she pulls through for ya.

@BobbyDigital … how’s it going Bobby… well i grow in living soil.and have had very little problems…. it looks good to me… I’d just keep watering it regularly…I’d cut a clone… once the clone roots… plant it into a soil like pro mix or jiffy seed start without no fertilizers in it… and go from the there… top feeding slowly and serif there’s any reactions… @SaTeeva is that the only plant acting this way???

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