Can you dry to much

just put my lsd in jars hung in closet for 12 days pot was to sticky to trim much at harvest so dried befor trimming the buds after 12 days were still sticky but was able to trim my ques. is the buds were super fluffy and sort of brittle not dence buds at all almost sort of crumbled when holding, my zittles were super dence and solid the lsd was nothing like that now the high was supper good not a couch potato i realize two different strains but is this just the way it is dont get me wrong the buzz is great also the lsd was purple in color sent some pics if it helps thank forany help


Quick answer: yes you can dry too much.

More detailed: I just grew an LSD autoflower and her buds were a bit loose too. However, as you note, the density of the bud doesn’t affect how strong your weed is. LSD is a pretty potent strain, so dense or loose, I don’t think it matters as much as people say it does.

IMO your buds look great. When I smoke my LSD I typically find myself forgetting what the hell it was I was doing.

More like a “bag appeal” rather than a “will this get me super high” thing.


That is some pretty buds you have. Drop one of the miniature hydrometers in the jar with your buds to check the moisture level . you can always add a leaf or two of lattice or green fan leaf to bring moisture level up a little. I am ok with 57 to 62% Good luck


well i dont need to smoke to forget but after burning one i was going out the front door and went back twice to see if i locked the back door


put lettuce in the jar makes since ill try it in one jar thanks


My best one was when I was making lasagna after smoking some LSD bud. For the life of me, I couldn’t get my act together. So now I don’t smoke this strain before cooking. :wink:


From my experience take the reading off of the hydrometer after about 12 hours.

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you had to be high just to try lasagna

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Well, I did really, really want some - and when you use no boil noodles it’s not hard.

I mean, when you’re not as high as :poop:!

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Dont forget its in there you dont want mold

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I keep running out of likes… :green_heart: Gorgeous buds! Bet your laundry smells great! :grin:

@kellydans do you any recommendation on those small RH meters? The ones I bought are :poop:.

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@CurrDogg420 l buy off eBay usually 5 for 25 bucks. Personally I like the small round ones.

Nice looking Buds

These buds are great looking. Love hearing the tales of the high. I know I am way gone when i really don’t know where i am for a few seconds. Of course I am right here. :crazy_face:

hay thanks for all the replys been doing the buzz over 50 years and still love it nice to hear not the only one who does crazy shit

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Have had my eye on the Chem Pack for months now to be my 1st seed buy.
Now y’all really getting me excited, I wanna f up supper too :blush::upside_down_face:

yea you can really screw up a meal and think damn thats good heres to the munchies