2oz in the jars

I grew Maui-Northern Lights and LSD. The LSD hermed and was the smaller of the 3 plants under a 1000hps.The LSD had shorter buds and I decided to harvest it as it has male flowers and I thought a great way to try harvesting techniques while the Maui and NL continued on their way. The colas are quite nice and large and getting ready on those two.

On the LSD I cut the buds and did a slight trim and put on SS screen that has 1/4" holes. left in garage for 6 days in semi dark area. temps were 45°-55°. They were still soft and STICKY. I brought them in the house and did another trim and left on the screen The house is around 70° and after one day the tiny leaves around the buds and the smaller buds felt a little crispy on the edges but still STICKY. I ended up with 2+ oz of kind of dried buds. I split the buds and put about 1/2 in 2 1qt mason jars. I opened last night for a few mins and then this morning before I went to work and then now as I just got here and plan on one more opening tonight.
I had some tiny buds in yesterdays trimming and I put them in a ziplock with the resin coated trim leafs. Going to give it to a friend to sample.

Does that sound about right? I am thinking that this weekend will be harvest time on the Maui and NL so if correct I will do the same for drying and curing them.

I have the 62% Boveda packs coming today. I plan on using them in a week or so when the buds smell right?Is that a good idea?

Thanks RAP

I would dry at 70°f 40%rh. Otherwise mold is easy to get and u wanna dry them for 4 to 7 days till the small stems snap not bend. There are more people with more experience that I’m sure will chime in soon tho.

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Also I know in some grows they leave a small ossolating fan on them to help penetrate air to the inside of the buds.

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