Can u go from a 18/6 light cycle to a 12/12 cycle with a auto

Hi guys i was running a 20/4 light cycle with my wwa she is in the seventh week of flower and then i changed it to a 18/6 cycle what i want to know in the last two to three weeks can i change the light cycle again to a 12/12 cycle for the remainder of the grow will this stuff things up or not ,what do yous think

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You can, but you should ensure that you are meeting the plant’s DLI requirements.

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Aha ok im thinking about it or i mite just leave it im not sure cause it has about two weeks to go

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It should be fine to be switched. Last 2 weeks or so usually get dialed down a small touch to prevent foxtailing and all so I don’t see the harm in it. As long as the dli is not that far off it should be okay watch for foxtails tho if u do this if u see them start forming raise the lights up a bit and raise the flowering plants up and leave the one down lower away from light some to prevent any damage.

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Thanks for ya help im really not sure what goin to do yet but i thought it would be better to ask questions first

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Yep just use risers to raise the ones that need more light if need be til that one is finished. Nothing worse than pulling a plant too soon. Lol. I did one the first grow. Well all came down a bit too soon but first grow I was excited and ready to try my rewards lol

Out of curiosity why are you wanting to do this?

Just read something about it which peaked my interest thats all

Right on, I’m trying to gathering all the auto knowledge round here for future use.

Apparently it will help with trichomes because the plant will think its coming into winter and product more trichomes and make the buds get fatter

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Its one of those questions u have ask about before doin it and besides i think i will be leaving it where it is

There we go​:+1: was wondering y so vague :grin:
If it’s your 1st go or only 1 plant I wouldn’t try anything different. But we gotta experiment to learn and move forward. Keep us posted if you do a side by side test.

I have run auto’s in the same tent with photos Light Schedule on 18/6 till I flip photos to 12/12 never had a problem finishing auto’s. Good luck with your autos.

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Yah im just goin to leave it like it is ive come so far and i dont want to take the chance its my biggest auto ive ever done and biggest flowers ive had so yah dont want to lose it all to a bad mistake

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You will be fine , Watch the crystals to harvest the bud’s at your Preference.


I did 24/0 for 4 weeks then 20/4 then last two weeks 18/6 worked great

Ok sounds good cause i did the 20/4 and now 18/6 so now i will go to 12/12

You will lose weight in 12/12 with auto. My auto was in 24/0 24/7

Its in its last two weeks it really shouldnt matter i don’t think

Last 2 weeks can be critical in weight. Its your choice