Can u go from a 18/6 light cycle to a 12/12 cycle with a auto

Yah its a hard one cause everyone is saying it will be fine to do so and then a handful are saying dont do it ,cause heres my girl this is a pic i took a few days ago

She is in week seven of flower


I know this an old post. I’m trying to figure out if I can grow my autos on 12/12 or 13-11 it think they still flower. I don’t want to split my area up. But I don’t want to lock myself into a room. Full of photos and no flower for another 60 days minimum and then two three weeks of curing. I would like to keep a few auto’s cycling in and out for variety. So in your experience the auto’s haven’t suffered to badly from the shorter light schedule? I’m using dli for my light management. But wondering if the auto’s will turn out smaller than usual. Thanks for any info you can send my way.

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The autos will flower no matter what light cycle there on and i just went through this same thing i did a auto and photo i flipped the photoperiod and the auto seemed to be doing good in the buds but it wasnt doing well at all ,my ppms were right so was my ph it was the 12/12 cycle that stuffed up myy autoflower .but you can still grow ur autos with ur photos all you do is let ur autos finish first before you flip ur photoperiod plant

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@503KING The autos will flower an do fine on 12/12 light cycle. If you run the autos from start to finish on 18/6 cycle it is possible to have a little more yield. Good luck :v:

I have one plant that’s entering the flower stage and 2 plants that are still in the early vegetative stage. Should I still switch lights to 12/12 for the flowering plant ? Will it throw off the growth of the other 2 plants ?

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If it is autoflower it don’t matter what the lights are on all day or half day no matter it will grow. With a little more light to them will help some. But u still need to make sure they r fed right and dli is good to go and all. I don’t much think u will see a huge difference in plants grown 12 12 and a auto grown at 18 6 either or 20 4. May be a little bit but I don’t think anything bad to have to worry about. Best is to try it out and see how it works for ur style and ur area. May be total different from everyone else. This why we have the forums so one does it and if it is not the best of ideas one can come back and read it here and see that it was a success or it was a success with a smaller plant ect.

Thank you ! I will probably switch the light schedule this week and come back and update.

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