Can someone tell me what’s up?

So I am super confused as to what this is? Is this normal? I saw it pop up about four/five days ago and then the one in the pot popped up last night? Is this cannabis or some type of weird weed?

My guess is whatever chipped seeds you have as a bedding had a good seed in it that popped .

At least it looks like a bunch of chipped seeds there.

Might be a weed but not our kind. Snuck in somehow maybe in the hulls that your using?

Are they rice hulls?

Yes they are rice hulls. The soil is made with pinto beans so I’m thinking that may be it…idk if they’re harmful though

Lol! Kinda looks like ya got some beans growing. They will somewhat vine, so I would pull it


my first thaugt was ivy… but bean seems more plausible after i read what the soil is made of. Beans are from the family of fabaceae, they have the property to fix otherwise gasy nitrogen in the soil and make it usable for the plant.
unless you know exactly what you are doing it is better to take it out… you can transplant it and grow it out if you like a handfull of pinto beans :wink:

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Ya think that smoking this grown in beans will make you fart alot!!

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that made me lol in the office … :rofl:

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