Can someone recommend a good loupe

I bought a Carson MM-200 and another 5.00 scope.The later is much easier to work with but it just doesn’t have the power of the Carson.
Both are junk in my eyes.The lens can change the color of what’s under neath and they just don’t work for me.
I’ve already wasted 15-20 bucks on junk and 20.00 more would probably gotten a optical glass grade loupe.
Can anyone recommend a brand of loupe that uses optical glass not regular glass.It’ll probably need a light and size doesn’t matter.
I have no idea what strength the Carson actually is and there are other Carson scopes on this link below:I though about the MM-300 but it migght be not so good either.If you see any products on the following link please let me know.

Radio shack has a pocket microscope with light for about 10 bucks. The key to finding a scope that is functional is; 60-100x magnification. Settle for nothing less.

Last year I bought 3-4 jewelers loops and a “penlight” looking scope off ebay for about 6 bucks. The key is the magnification. Some offer an led; “nice”.

Either option is better than what you must have bought. :slight_smile:

I have the Carson MM-300 that is 60-120 X that I bought from Amazon,I can see the trichomes on my plants but the problem I’ve found is holding it steady enough.If I had the flower on a table I would be able to see perfectly but holding it against the plant itself is a bit of a juggling act.Carson has a universal adapter for the smart phone but that’s another $60 on Amazon.