Reviews on the 420 scope

OK , so I ordered the Carson pocket scope 120x and it SUUUUCKED !!! I tried all the variations on this thing and NOTHING was showing … Sent it back and I ordered the 420 Microscope , 60X-200X Magnification. I see you attach it to your cell … The jewelers scopes dont have anything higher than 80x mag … I am really close to choppin the ladies down according to you all and really need to see the tri’s … Anyone used this 420 scope before ???


i tried a pocket microscope with 120x, but the cheap lens caused too much distortion. it also seems like it has too small a field of view. I want to try a variable between 60-100x. ive tried to find the best recommended here, but haven’t figured it out yet

I bought one of those. The eye piece came broken. They seller refunded my money and sent me another. While trying to focus the damn thing to check my SD for chop. Damned if that top didn’t break off, arrrg!! I super glued that POS lense back on and ripped a chunk of bud to try to do it on a flat, stable lol, surface. Worst scope ever! :-1:t3::-1:t3:

Does anyone here know how much magnification is actually required to analyze the trichomes? I’m wondering if we even need these silly digital devices they are trying to sell us?

How about just traditional optics?

I generally use my handheld loupe. To take pictures to analyze later/post here, I’ll hold my iPhone right up to the loupe and it seems to do OK. I bought a USB microscope this summer and it’s worthless.

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I use this one. Have had no issues with it so far, love it! Works with my android.

I sent for a 420 scope from someplace on amazon, and almost never got it. When it arrived - it was the wrong magnification! I finally got a LOUPE - just like above said. Never thought to combine it with the phone though.

But the USB 'Scopes look like the best way to go period, steady and easy to get high detail with.