Can somebody tell me how to get tight nodes

How do i get my plants to grow like this? is there a technique? this is OGK auto by ILGM i am currently growing shes the most unique by far and i want to grow more like her.

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Keep doing what you are doing.

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Are you saying you like the spacing on this plant.Node spacing can be genetics to a degree. Sativas node spacing will in general be further apart than many indica dominant strains. Light intensity and distance will also dictate the spacing on plants.


Exactly. :point_up:


I’d like to add to this. Distance and intensity play a huge roll in node spacing but so does the spectrum of your lighting. Lights that lean more red will give you taller, and more stem elongation. While a blue leaning light will create less stem amd more plant mass(leafs, nodes). So it’s really a juggle between the amount of light and the color of it.


know of any good blue lights?

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Full spectrum light is what you should be after. For a heavy blue light then you would go with a 4k to 5k spectrum. This is normally used in vegging. And for flower your going to want anywhere from 3k to 3500k which is heavier in reds. A good overall light for seed to harvest is a full spectrum 3500k LED

This stain grows like this automatically if you want it to grow another way you have to train it.

@WVGROWER heres another ogk same age planted and popped same day the onlty thing i did different is i planted the short noded one close to the side of the pot

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