Can i use sensi bloom b with seaweed powder

I grow ilgm autos in a small 32x32x63 tent with a MarsHydro 1000 light. I use fox farm soil so I don’t give any nutes during veg. Since I’ve been growing (about a year) I’ve only used MaxiBloom. I’ve had decent results. Honestly I’m not into the scientific end of things…sorry. But I’m wanting bigger buds–dont we all?! I recently purchased Sensi bloom and also maxicrop soluble seaweed for use during flower stage. Can I use these two together or is it overload? Just wanted to try something different than the MaxiBloom.

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I can’t answer your question on nutrients, but lighting is what will make the most difference. You’re in a tent that is larger than what that light can truly flower. Even Mars hydro has that listed as flowering a 2x2 area. HLG lights are known to be tried and true top bin LED lights. But you will pay top bin price. But you want top bin buds… :man_shrugging:

If I were you I would switch to Jacks Nutrients 321 formula. Very cost effective and totally worth it as far as ease of use goes. It is also something that i know works and won’t be a contributing factor in holding your buds back. Aside from that, wait for someone knowledgeable in those products to assist.

4 weeks after plant you should start feeding if using Happy Frog. You just said Fox Farm so I’m not sure which one.


@Dankloud thanks man. Yeah I’m not looking to change my light. Just up my buds some with the nutes I have on hand. I’ve average about 2ozs a plant, doing 2 at a time.

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Btw this is in flower stage I’m asking about and yes fox farm happy frog @Dankloud

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@Covertgrower @Budz @dbrn32 might be able 2 help you with light and nutrition. Only thing I would suggest would also be switch to Jack’s 321


Yeah switch to Jack’s and limit yourself to 1 plant directly under the light for maximum growth.
Here is what I always say about Jack’s:

I recommend Jack’s 321. It has literally everything needed. Insanely cost effective too! 3.6 grams Jacks Part A, which is the primary special sauce of Jack’s and contains trace nutrients as well. 2.4 grams Jacks Part B (Calcium Nitrate), which is your main source of, you guessed it, Calcium and Nitrogen. 1.2 grams Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), for your Magnesium and a bit of Sulfur.

Part A - 1000gram bag for $26.99 = roughly 277 gallons, $0.10 per gallon.
Part B - 1000gram bag for $23.99 = roughly 416 gallons, $0.06 per gallon.
Epsom Salt - Depends on brand. Bag I bought was 5lb (2267grams) for $13.99 = 1889 gallons, $0.0074 per gallon.

Then they have 25lb bags too! :rofl:

If you see a magnesium deficiency, just add more Magnesium Sulfate… Nitrogen deficiency? Just add more Calcium Nitrate.

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You can go a cheaper route and get a kit from ebay or Amazon 2 see how you like it before making the jump. Just know that it’s worth every penny and last u along time no matter which route u go if u change 2 Jack’s.

I would let the the 1s I tag answer before making any crazy decisions they been growing longer and have crazy knowledge. I forgot 2 tag @Myfriendis410

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I want to use the nutes I already have on hand which is:
Sensi bloom and maxicrop soluble seaweed
The light I have is the light I’m keeping.
My question is can I use these two products together during flower. Simple as that.

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Wait for those I tag 2 chip in they will give u the answer u want


Got ya, no problem with that. I don’t know those products, and I’m not sure who might. Maybe @Hellraiser

And everyone @SilvaBack203 tagged is solid from what I know👍

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I’m not familiar with your nutrients either. But the biggest game changer for most is boosting their rhizosphere. With something like fish sh!t, tribus bloom or great white. These are colony forming units of bacteria and fungi, ect… the rhizosphere is basically a group of bacter and fungi. Myco being the fungi sub set that falls under rhizo. Tribus bloom is what I use. It’s bacteria only. Fish sh!t is supposed to be awesome. But it is much more than just the bacteria. That’s what I would recommend for bigger yields. either fish sht or tribus bloom (not tribus original)

The other best thing would be getting away from soil. Go coco. Same containers as soil. No guess work on watering… water till run off everyday with full str feed. None of that slow watering crap either. I dump in half gallon at time. Come back, empty trays. Dump another half gallon in. So much easier… nothing to forget or remember.

Coco is innert. It is growing hydroponically. Which everyone knows hydro grows bigger plants faster.

I agree that light is probably your biggest issue. But to answer your question, yes you can mix the two if you want. I don’t know that will get you better results though. Your title says sensi bloom B, sensi bloom is formulated to run part A with part B. Then there is at least 4 other bottles recommended to accompany the sensi A and B to reach your final solution.


Thank you fellas for the help

Thanks guys

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