Can I keep nutes in solution from week to week?

I am in week five of veg and I have three gallons of nutes in solution can I keep it from week to week??

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I do a water feed water routine and I dont think I give them as much water as a lot of the guys do . Until flower I dont usually even have runoff unless I want to check ph or ppm because of a problem. That said yes I will keep my fox farm nutrients until the next feeding but I have never mixed more than a couple day wait and ALWAYS re check your ph some nutrients will continue to drop your ph when setting there from what I have seen on here good luck


I mix up a one gallon jug at a time and for my clones right now I don’t use the whole jug yet. So it will sit for a couple of days b4 it is all used up and so far I’ve had no problems. But I’m on a budget so I don’t like to throw stuff out. But usually most guys here will only mix up what they need as they go and toss the extra. So opinions vary.

usually says on the label, I read one saying do not prepare for more than a week in advance on some anti root rot stuff

If they are organic enzymatic bacterial fungal NO! if they are chemical within reason and certain things like Cal-mag should only be added at time of use they ruin the stable formula and chelate properties of base nutrients.

Chelates: Basically little hooks that bond harder to absorb nutrients with easily avail ones like hiding a pill in peanut butter for a dog these bonds interact with the other nutrients in the solution if they didn’t every nutrient would be 1 part. Meaning when we mix nutrients we are starting a timer on those bonds and they start to decay fresh mix is always best and most stable. The system you use in soil is classed as drain to waste : Waste being the key word mix less if you have to add straight ph’d water to get your run off it won’t hurt anything.