Nutrients~ Keep or dump?

When I mix my nutrients in a 1 gal container of water, can i keep it if i don’t use it all? or should I mix fresh each time? Hate to dump it out if i don’t have to.
and will PH change upon sitting for a few days?
(right now Im only working with 1 young plant to learn before planting my new seeds)
thanks so much

It depends on what nutrients you’re using, but as long as you store the unused water/nutrient mix in the fridge you should be good to save it for at least a week.

pH will fluctuate, but shouldn’t be crazy, again this comes down to what nutrients you’re using. I know Fox Farm nutrients like to drop the pH, but General Hydroponic Flora nutrients sit right at 5.9-6.0 pH pretty steadily.

Hope this helps! :v:

Also, it makes me so happy to see a female grower on here! I wish you the best of luck, and if you ever need help feel free to ask anything!


Thank you so much! xo


You’re welcome! Glad I could help you out! Are the kiss and hug in the mail lol? :wink::v:

Yes on their way! (but it won’t take long to arrive I’m North East coast-ish as well! )

Thanks again…


And you can throw an air stone in the water and i have had it last three weeks with out it being in the fridge. I mix 5 gallons for a two plant grow. Every three months .