Can I grow more than one strain in the same grow tent? If so, what about cross pollination?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have a 4x9 grow tent. This will be my first grow. I’m getting ready to make my first order of seeds and am choosing the strains to order. Can I grow more than one strain in the same grow? Is there any chance of cross pollination that would decrease the potency?”

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You can grow as many strains as you want in a space… If you order feminized seeds or autos, you should have about no chance of pollination as all should be female… The only way they can pollinate is if you get regular seeds and get a male in there…

But the simple answer is no, different strains wont pollinate each other or weaken each other, unless a male sneaks in there, a male plant, much like a male human, will try to pollinate anything it sees, regardless of what it is…


but be wary, a mix of indicas and sativas can make life difficult with your lights, as sativas are generally a taller plant than indicas…

That had me laughing @Ron330 But so very true! :grin:


When pollination happens, it’s only the seeds that are affected. The female plant would still have the same flowers of her strain. The seeds would be a cross between the male and female genes. But the issue of different strains having different heights would be the real issue for indoor.

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