Can botrytis ,bud rot, spores survive the winter?

Diagnosed bud rot on Mary. Maybe I panicked, I harvested her sooner than I would have liked. Trichomes were milky but no amber ones were see at this point. I only flushed once, coincidently, for ph conditioning.
My question is:
Force flowering was done by covering her each day with a framed 55 gallon garbage bag that I store open-ended in my unheated garage over the winter. Can the spores from botrytis survive the winter and be a threat next year if they are currently existing on the cover?

Any Mycologists out there?


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I would imagine they would survive. I would hose the plastic down, and use hydrogen peroxide. If you can use a higher grade than 3% the better.

I think I’ll spay it down, inside and out, with a neem oil solution that i already have on hand.
Says it controls botrytis. Hope i wasn’t too hasty with my harvest?

Thanks again for all of your replies and recommendations Covertgrover