Can anyone recommend a good AC unit?

My tent is a 4x8 in my basement. During the summer months, particularly during flower, i struggle with high temps. My lights are 2 SF 4000s. I have an 8 inch inline exhaust from AC infinity. I struggle to keep it below 81 degrees. Im pretty sure that the high temps caused my last grow to hermy on me. Any suggestions?

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I’m not familiar with your fixture, but with many grow lights you can re-wire them and mount the driver outside the tent. If possible with your fixture, and being in a basement, you might be able to save the cost of an AC and the power to run it.

If you have to go the AC route, do you have an operable window you could use as a vent for the exhaust tube?


I’m working on the exact same issue. I have two 6 inch fans exhausting into the basement but that also where the fresh air is coming from. At first it was not a problem, but the temp has slowly risen in the entire basement.

My solution is i am tapping into the hvac line in the ceiling of the grow room.

When the AC is running it will blow air into the room and when it’s off the fans will pull fresh air in from the upstairs.

I’m hoping it works.


I forgot to mention that I have the exhaust vented out my glass block window like a dryer vent. I was hoping to somehow tap into that . I also have a 6 inch oscillating fan and a tower fan inside the tent. Does the majority of the heat come from the drivers? I just assumed it came from the diodes themselves.

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I’ve never had to remotely mount a driver, so I don’t know for sure what percentage of heat comes from it vs the diodes, but I believe it’s significant. I think @dbrn32 is they guy who can answer that question.

I have no idea what the % of heat from driver to leds is, but a fully loaded driver will indeed get hot. However, 81f is a good canopy temp for led grows. If you’re able to maintain low 80’s i would leave them.


Thanks for the help. Would incorporating c02 help at all do you think?

Probably not. From what I see your temps are more good than they are bad.

Fridgidair is the best I have owned out of 5 name brands.

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I like issuing Midea. You can get them at Wal-Mart at a good price. They work great and they are smart enabled.
I’ve never had an issue with them and the app is pretty good.


I use hisense. I own 2. I use a 12000btu in my 8x8 grow room with about 1500 watts of lights. I can keep it around 80 with lights on. Its also wifi controlled so i can adjust temps if needed while on the road.