Can anyone give me an idea how close this plant might be to harvest?

Sorry for the newbie question. This plant is Maui Wowie and started flowering around July 5. I touched one of the bud stems and it was really sticky like super glue.

Thanks in advance for being gentle on me. I’ve got several Chem Dog plants that just flowered and I can’t understand why the Maui is so far ahead of schedule.

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Please wait until pics are loaded. We see nothing.


Sorry, here are the photos

Ide have to say atleast 6 weeks mate still a young girl


Seconded. You got a long way to go. Sorry to say


OK, thanks for looking. First grow. I’m not in a hurry, but I have a holiday coming up and want to get my timing down.

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Keep showing us pics and can help ya mate

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6 weeks may be a bit long but I think 4 at least. :thinking:

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I dont see any red hair, you dont look to be too long since flowering started. Avg plant flower time is at least 8-10 weeks. I think 6 weeks is even a slight understatement.

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Sure looks nice and frosty already but you’ve got quite a ways to go yet

Long way to go. Those buds will double in fatness over the next month or so. Then you’ll be watching BUD trichomes development for signs of amber.

Thanks for all the hand-holding replies, everybody! You guys are very patient. I’ve just never grown cannabis before. So, I’ll hold my breath and keep monitoring. I must say that knock wood, they are all very healthy plants.

Would you recommend a jewelers loupe as I’ve read, or is the phone camera ok to use?

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Phone camera is king. Jewelers loupes are … well, they’re awful.

I use this:

It gets my trichome photos better than the camera by itself.

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Thanks and just bought!

OK, it’s been 23 days since I posted this question. I just took this photo with the cool microscope linked above which I bought.

Any thoughts on the trichomes? They look clear to me, but the pistils are starting to amber.

thanks so much for looking!

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They’re sugar leaf trichomes as far as I can see, so not a tremendous value in overall assessment. With a microscope your best bet is gonna be cutting off a small bud from middle of the plant and using it to evaluate bud trichomes. You can get closer and much clearer shots by removing the material from the plant. :v:

Thanks so much! OK, I was wondering from where and how to sample. Plus, If i do a cut, i can bring it in to the scope. I’ll do that tonight…

Any thoughts on these bud shots?

second photo is a repeat–sorry!

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Mostly clear to my eyes :100: