Can anyone give me an estimate of how much I could yield?

Hey everyone, so I’ve been growing this girl scout cookies (I believe it is photo) that I found in my weed a while back. The plant is 56 days old and in the flowering stage with buds beginning to grow. I’m not looking to really maximize my yield and harvest in like 3 months, I just want bud for personal use. Can anyone tell me how much longer they think my plant has and how much they think I could expect to yield? I feed it Fox farm grow big and big bloom twice, then feed water and repeat cycle. I wait till the soil is dry! Please let me know below, thank you! By the way, this is my first grow, so if anyone has advice, please give it to me haha!


6 weeks exactly

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Potential yield? @Fever

@professordank just looking at pics and guessing I’d say between 1and 2 ounces. I use the complete fox farm liquid nutrients line and soils. And grow GSCX . My last grow was over 8 oz from one plant in a 32"-32" tent. Flowering time 70 days from the time she started to show bud not the day I switched the flip. And wish I’d let her go another 7-10 days but I like couch lock night time sleep aid type weed.

Also fox farm is great as long as you follow the directions on the feeding chart , especially when flushing . A nute lock can take weeks to show its self and if your late in harvest this could lead to very bad problems.

Proper ph is a key factor in growing what do you ph at?

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I’ve been trying to get the pH up for the past 2 weeks. It seems to be stuck around 5.4-5.8 whenever I feed 7.0 pH nutes and water. Is there anything you would recommend I do? How and when do you recommend I flush, I’m really new to this! Thank you @Wishingilivedina420state

Couple tbsp of dolomite lime into your soil will probably help ph.

You’re growing this plant outdoors?

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What type of soil or medium are you using?

I should have had you fill out a support ticket that’s my fault for not mentioning it.

Soil in pots,
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Have not added any Nuts yet other then what is in the Soil
Light system, size?
Temps; Day,Night
Humidity; Day Night
Ventilation system;
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Copy and paste this ticket then fill it out the best you can add anything you think may help sorry I didn’t start with this.


No it stays in a grow tent in my garage! @dbrn32 How often should I use the dolomite lime? should I put it in nutrients and water?

Heater at night and yes you can change daytime use more fans

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The dolomite goes in the soil. The ec and tds is just your ppm . 85-92 is kinda hot you really need more ventilation, heat stress will cause a decrease in Yield .

after rereading this again I think you do need to flush if ph is staying that low. Might be a salt build up.

Sorry when I said follow the schedule i ment follow the feeding chart, it tells you when to flush.

Why put a heater at night 72 is fine. @Fever

How do I flush exactly? @Wishingilivedina420state

I’m going to add another fan when the lights turn back on! @Fever

Fox farm sledgehammer flush ph after mixing. Also 7.0 ph is kinda high specially for fox form they recommend 6.9-6.3 with 6.5 being preferred and is what I ph at with ocean forest and my run is very stable never sways. If it does there is a problem my run is always 6.5 very seldom 6.4

My guess is that after you started feeding nutes and your ph dropping you started raising your ph witch caused a number of ph swing and is possibly gonna affect your plant. If random leafs start to turn yellow that would be a possible sign especially towards the top of the plant .

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While adding another fan may drop temps a degree or two your just moveing hot air around. If all you have are small desk fan use it as an extraction fan. I used a 8" desk fan in my 2-2-4 tent for a couple weeks until my inline came in stick in the fan hole it fits

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Gotcha, I was asking because you posted in outdoor section is all.

I’m not really sure really on the dolomite lime. Probably once if you get everything else in order. I usually put it in my soil before planting and don’t need it beyond that. You’ve been watering high long enough that you should’ve seen it start to level out. So I’d be checking on the stuff @Wishingilivedina420state is suggesting. The dolomite should help at least for a little while and hopefully get you going in the right direction.

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50 degrees

@Fever that was the humidity you listed.
He listed his temps at


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Then what did I just quote lol