Estimate on potential yield? :)

Hi everyone. I know it’s impossible to get an accurate estimate, but I was curious if anyone had any good guesses on what the potential yield may be of my grow? I’m curious if a plant this size at this stage would yield 1 Oz or more. My guess is 2 ounces off this 1 plant.

  I’m currently 57 days into my first grow of about 80 days give or take a little.

-I’m growing an Autoflowering Lemon Haze from MSNL seed bank in a 5x5x7 grow tent.

-She is currently being grow in Foxfarm Happy frog soil.

-Light schedule is 19 and 5.

-Fox farm nutrients every other water

-4 different lights running. (Spiderfarms Sf2000), (Bestva DC 2000), (parfactworks full spectrum 2000), (Vivosun HPS 600 watt)—total about 1200 actual watts from wall

-humidifier running 24 hours at 40% humidity


You should clear a pound a plant or better for wet trimmed weight and then dry out and cured probably 4 to 7 oz a plant very rough guess and depends on grow style and how you cure but nice work so far :+1::+1::+1::muscle::muscle::muscle:


On an autoflower?

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I think you’ll easily hit 2oz.


Hard to say. Somewhere between 3 and 6 zips, give or take.

I’d unplug the humidifier at this point.

Looking good!

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There’s guys getting 6 and 8 oz dry with autos on here it’s genetics but alot with how good you can grow


Yeah once I do the conversion - I have gotten 120 grams / 4+oz off a single plant.


Thanks for the input everyone!!! I appreciate you all taking the time to respond. I’m hoping you all are right. Atleast 2 ounces per plant would be great per grow…if I can get more than that, than ill be ecstatic.

The genetics are from MSNL seed bank and seem great so far on my first grow. The strain says it could be 400+ grams per square meter. I know that’s for experienced growers. I’m hoping for half lol!! :slight_smile: