Calling @Time2share, gotta pineapple

For you to assist in plantiing. You inspired us and also caused impulse spending, mama said ",bless his :heart: "
So @Time2share, care to assist, this i can possibly journal.

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Since im fairly knew, i did not realize Time2share was the one booted until a new post showed up.

Guess well google info on growing pineapple :pineapple:

Yes he was booted. Very unfairly I might add. I read the section of where it occurred and it was a very poor decision and favoritism of why he got booted. However I will just leave it at that . No need to stir shit up. Anyway I hope that you can read between the lines here and I’m here to try and help you with your pineapple.
So what you want to do is hold pineapple with one hand and grab the bottom section of leaves near the top of pineapple. Give it a firm twist and top should pop right off. Enjoy eating the fruit if you wish.
As far as the bottom of the top you just popped off is kinda like a bulb if you will.
Start peeling the little pedals from bottom up. You don’t have to be super gentle but don’t go completely careless either because once you get a few rows up you will start to run into little roots. ( Typically like a brown color and ranges from around a quarter of an inch to about an inch or so and sometimes even longer. You shouldn’t have to hard of a time recognizing them.
I typically will pick a few more rows up past that cause eventually they are going to come off anyway. Either by rotting or drying up depending on different cricunstances.
Now this is where I would put in a bowl of water for a day or so before putting into soil. But I’ve seen YouTube videos where people left it in water till roots started to form and even sometimes till roots are very long. The choice is yours of which way you choose for this stage. Being pineapple is very cheap I would buy 3-4 of them and try a few different ways and discover for yourself which works better for you. :+1:
I hope that helps. I will try to be in to help you as much as I can. But I have allot going on . And eventually I’d like to try and get some time to help Time2 get his account back. After reading I can’t understand why he was the one to get silenced when it appears the other one involved was being more of the problem. But again I’d rather keep it quite for now. I think he is in sone of the other forums he belongs to gathering a good group of folk to come see for themselves and back him up if it comes to that.

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Thank you for your reply, never knew you could do that until we saw some pineapple s in one of his posts.

My .02 cents, I sleep fine at night knowing that I personally haven’t attacked anyone.

Like you, others have seen the same.

Its in small mason jar, does water need to be changed? If so, when? Please and thank you.

First posts in days.

A member told me to suck…

Dont know what happened to said member, didnt do the same as SeedThread. I figured nothing since nothing replied to me.

I thought they are here to protect, not attack members, i felt attacked by the mods immediately, was called, condescending, and told post was ridiculous.

I didnt attack Motaman, gave true insight, every bit wss protecting MY SEED PURCHASE. How i spend or where I spend our money is our business,

My seed purchase evaluation form arrived, not sure what to do.

Never been social media guy, no instagram, facebook, 2 fishing forums 15 yrs ago, less than a month on both, very competitive, very vicious, mods work overtime there, not because of me, fast forward, was told this forum wasnt like others.

I was disappointed in one mod particular, this old guy liked his posts alot, being a degreed biomed, i have troubleshot, repaired, calibrated, most hospital devices from mri, ultra sound, to electronic thermometers, not to mention my robotics in the Navy, taking a electronic thought and turning it into mechanical energy. Was reading the diy light thread, grew up watching family on deer lease in the 60s, not old enough yet. So the love of outdoors, all hunting, electronics, thought down the road, we could have some fun in the future.

Re-read a few posts, then noticed he agreed on a reply that was not promoting forum policies and took picture so just in case it gets edited.

Bummer, liked this place, i felt they wanted to provoke me. Just my .02 cents

No matter what path i have taken, my goal always was to be an asset in every phase of life. Even to a forum.

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So depending on how long you choose to keep in water I would guess that you would need to change it every so often. I believe that’s what I saw in one of the YouTube vids I saw. Like what was said in time2s thread I never kept in water for more than a day or 2 myself. I put in moist soil after that and have been pretty successful.
I think I may have had 2 or 3 that I had to discard outta around 15 or so that I have now or given away.

I agree with you as far as the mods supposed to be here to protect or at least insure fairness of sort. It is apparent that time2 did not break any of the rules after being confronted by such. He simply said that "it was his last post but that he thought it wasn’t right to hold him accountable and to have a nice day. " That’s when and what he was booted for. Nothing at all disrespectful was actually nice if you ask me. So it’s very apparent that the mod in that case took it way out of context and took personally challenged for that. Well if you ask me there is absolutely no excuse for that. That’s an abuse of authority really.
Furthermore that mota boy continued to insult 2 more times after being warned and even had those post flagged but he is still here.
Just because he has been around for awhile it’s o.k to keep him around and let’s get rid of the guy because he was only around for maybe a couple months or so? Yeah that’s not right in so many levels.
Then because time2 created another account and pleaded his case on his own journal and asked to bring other mods in. That mod completely erased all the points that was made by time2 to hide his own wrongdoings . But said he was booted for not following rules and creating another account which was another rule . Even though time2 admittingly said out of ignorance he was guilty of creating another account not out of disrespect but only to plead the case in which he felt was wronged from. Of course all of that was erased.

Anyway that’s what I know of it. Mighty fishy. Is why I also started at other forum.
Even though I’m allot like you . I don’t do the social media thing. The last thing I did was myspace decades ago. Other than that it’s just a little here in there on this forum and grasscity.

hopefully enough people will see the reality of the situation and make right of the wrong. But that’s enough gassup on that outta me. ill try and drop in here and there and hopefully watch your starter turn into a nice fruiting plant. :+1:

When my sweetie pots this, any rooting hormones? saw video where it was used, showed some nice roots. We certainly have lost nothing and will gain lots of experience if it fails, but I think we have found new hobby. My sweetie made her first pineapple :pineapple: upside down cake, out of this world and into baking rotation which means more pineapple :pineapple: s.

Win win

I never used any. My father didn’t even do any plucking of the leaves or putting in water. . He just took the tops right off and threw them straight in the ground. Speaking of, I have one of his plants over at a friend’s house and it’s about ready to pick. Has turned yellow and I would say in about a week or so I’ll be harvesting it. It’s a good couple times the size of that one harvested on time2’s thread. I’ll try to get over there in next day or 2 and snap a couple pictures of it to post up here. :+1:

This one is almost ready for the picking . :+1:

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Too cool, great pics, we are in training, as discussed, buying pineapples to use for this is win win . How long did this one take th produce and will it produce another?

So that is one of the ones that time got from his father down in Florida. His father passed about this time last year. He went down this April to pick up his father’s truck and some other belongings he wanted. This is one of the pineapple plants he brought back with him. It already had the pineapple but was only about half the size. That plant had been around and produced a couple/few pineapple in the last few years if I’m not mistaking. There was about 4 that had baby pineapples on them already. 1 of them was the one in his picture that he harvested . Was about half this size but said it tasted great. Sweet with a little splash of sour.
In Florida they do pretty well as I’m sure they will in Texas to. I believe it normally takes a couple years before they start to flower in subtropical/tropical places like Florida and perhaps Texas where you are. In the right conditions they can start to fruit in about 18-24 months from what I understand.
Now we are in NY and I know time has started at least a dozen starting nearly 3 and a half to 4 years ago.
Most of them he gives away to his friends and or college students that rents from the landlord he does most of his work for. (Due to a lack of space). Still has the very first one that you seen over on his page that is huge and about 3 more ranging from about 6 months to around 18 months. None of those have fruited. Of course being in NY , inside a apartment on 2nd floor , and not being able to take outside for good summer sun has allot to do with that I’m pretty sure if. But they look good and soon to move to a bigger and better place. Hopefully will get some fruit out of them at some point.
Yours is going to be outside so I’m sure they be just fine and provide fruit just fine. Just like the plants brought up from Florida are.

Actually, wife has it facing south on kitchen window for now.
When i was young, mom and i started an avacado seed with 3 toothpicks in jar and water that grew 3 ft, transplanted and grew till we moved. Learned in cali and from wife that they usually require a graft to pollenate…

Grocerieces this week, will have another soon.

Other ladies are growing like :crazy_face: they are sleeping.

Will post them soon.

Pineapple upside down cake #2 was not as good as her first. First was great and was better on day 2. Bettrr with age.

#2 she explainded, used Duncan Hines yellow cake mix instead.

If it isnt broke dont try to fix it.

Pineapple #3 was ripper than #2, so she still has another.

First is in soil. 2nd in water.

So I harvested that pineapple. It actually feel off while moving all the plants inside cause it’s starting to get cold here in NY. Let it set for about 2 weeks till it started to get soft. Just chopped it up Friday and I can’t tell you how good it was!! Was nice n sweet and tasted so much better than the store bought ones. It’s lack of size compared to store bought sure did make up for in taste. Mmmmmmm!
Here’s a couple pics!

South sun in window is fine for awhile. Even a little while after planting. But I would put outside once it gets going if I was you.

I also have avocado seeds in jars with toothpicks and some mango tree seedlings sprouted. Only thing about avocado and mango is that they are not true to seed. If you want edible fruit you have to graft them. I just recently found that out. Same is true with apples. You have to graft on a branch from a already grafted or polenated tree. Otherwise you only have like a 1 in 10,000 chance that your fruit would be any good. That would suck to grow for 4-10 years just to have something that taste crappy.

Now peach and cherry trees you do not have to graft, but you do have to put in the refrigerator for at least 10 weeks before planting. I forgot the technical term/word used for that. But it basically mimics winter while in refrigerator for a few months then planting them indicates spring.
I also have kiwi vibes started as well from store bought kiwi. :+1:

Good to hear from ya, ours are doing well. First is in soil, #2,3 are in water, two is ready for soil, has roots over inch long.

Wife from Cali, knows a little about grafting and :avocado: s.
Banana kush is coming along nicely.

We had fruit cocktail tree. 6 types of plums, peaches, nectarines all grafted to one tree. Purchased thru Burgess seeds.

Stay warm, noticed the temps drop NE.

Wife loves the water method, green leaves look 100% better than potted one. Should have taken picture of potted also.

Oh yeah them roots are coming along. Think your probably right about the leaves staying green better in water compared to soil. Didn’t ever think of that. They are so cheap to buy it makes sense to try multiple ways and see which suits you the best. Im kinda experimenting around with my first weed grow to. I’ve got a couple in sohum living soil with no nutes . ( Other than tiger bloom now that they are flowering). Have a few in rabbit Creek living soil, and a couple in fox farm ocean forest. I was only going to use nutes on 1 of the 2 in the fox farm and then have the THC tested to see if nutes really made that much of a difference , but had to start feeding the other one because the leaves are surely showing signs that it’s needed.