CALiMAGic question from a 1rst time WW auto grower

I’m using tap water dechlorinated and pH is 7.5 and ppm 345 I add my nutes then I pH 6.5 my question is does CALiMAGic have enough MAG? Lol or should I also add Epson also or instead of when I get late into flower?

You won’t need much magnesium - trace amounts in your tap h2o would probably do but if you are using cali magic you’ll absolutely have enough for her


Yeah I add a tsp every feeding and thank you So much for the info!

So would this be correct…if I take my tap water ppm which is 345 and add 700 to that is that the ppm my nutes should be going in?

Happy to help!

Yes so if you start with 345 add your nutes and then take your tds reading. If it’s higher than desired just cut with more dechlorinated tap water until it gets to ideal EC/PPM.

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I love this site, again your much appreciated!

Happy to! Good luck let us know if there’s anything else we can help with

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