California Dreaming in So Cal - 134 days one might be ready?

California Dreaming is So Cal - 134 days one might be ready?

I have been pondering all day if one of my Feminized California Dreaming 100% Outdoor plant is ready for harvest. Thank you in advance for your expertise:
Bud Photo from today 9/5/2017 and magnified photos underneath:

Magnified photos today 9/5/2017:
30x22mm and 60x12mm

Thank you again!


Just my opinion but she needs longer I still see clear tricons.

Thank you for your eye. I honestly can’t tell the difference yet from clear to milky.

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It’s best if you look at the tricons from above, let’s you see them better. I’m going off the very last pic.

You’ll get it don’t worry :wink:. I’ve harvest early a few times not knowing how to look at tricons, we all have.

This morning I looked at more buds on the same plant. 9/6/2017 - I found that some of the top buds have amber and milky. Below is a top bud. I took photos magnified from different angles. Do you see milky and amber too?

If so are these top buds with amber ready to harvest?
Harvest them before the middle and bottom buds?

I found the middle and bottom buds are still clear as you stated yesterday.

Photos of One top bud - photos taken from different angles.
California Dreaming 9/6/2017 - Day 135



I see brown pistils (the long white hairs that turn brown)

Here is a little chart to help you with the trichomes.


I see that your girl is 134 days old, but how long ago did she start flowering?


She’s a beauty!

Have you seen the other posts about the problems outdoor growers are having out your way with worms and bud rot?

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No have not seen worms or bud rot posts. Will look for the posts. That is unfortunate.

We are in the valley. We have been battling high heat - 100 to 114 degrees though.

You might want to be pro-active @KingShark

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Thank you!

I did not keep track of when they started to flower.
I do know that on August 1 they had not started flowering yet.
Sometime in mid-August they started flowering when we were out of town.

By August 29 they looked like this:

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Very good @KingShark generally the need 60 days of flowering. Mid August takes you out to mid October ish

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I see! So we do have a ways to go! Will keep a close eye on them everyday. I truly appreciate your help.

We will keep an eye out for the Caterpillars too. That is very sad those buggers were going to town on his plants.

If I see moths or butterflies fluttering around I will have to be aggressive to look for larva right away before they hatch.

We are so hot and dry out here, I don’t think bud rot a threat.

I think the caterpillar infestation caused the bud rot! @KingShark

the 60 days is an average guestimate. Your mileage may vary!

You will want to see he white pistils turning brown and then use a good magnifier and look at the trichomes. Generally lost folks harvest when they are milky with some amber trichomes.


Now that is a calamity. Too much torment for a parent to endure. Dam bugs! Thank you for the heads up.

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I think you have a little longer @KingShark. I do see some amber trichomes in the second set of pics so you are close.
Technically you could harvest now if you wanted depending on the type of buzz you are looking for.
But personally I would give it another week or so but check it everyday to see if there is more amber starting to show. It can happen fast switching from milky to amber so you will want to keep an eye on it.
Great job though brother. :+1:

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@bob31 is right about the rot coming from the worms. They sneak deep into the buds and chew on the base of the flowers, and they just turn brown and mushy from the inside out.
It’s truly disgusting.
It’s been hot here too, a bit cooler now but last week was in the low 100s and real low humidity.
A few people on here from socal and a local buddy of mine all finding cabbage looper worms and mushy rotten brown bud damage, all around the same time frame.

Dig deep in your buds, way down in there and look for any kind of brown crap or eaten stuff. They hide real well.


Thank you. Growing for medicinal use. Needed for pain and epilepsy, seizures. Will keep a close eye on them now, looking for the magic light amber color. Pray those horrible worms stay away.

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Do you know what parts of So Cal those horrible worms are ravaging these poor growers?
We have so many climates here: Coast, valley, low desert, high desert, mountains.

Okay fought off the California Worms.
Today 157 Days.
Do you think she is ready yet?



Looking done to me, I have a Gold Leaf I’m chopping Saturday morning, some say air sign best moon :crescent_moon: to harvest under, will be Aquarius moon, under a Libra Sun - another air sign.

Your plant looks to be finishing up with the color changes, you could chop tomorrow at dawn and be happy or wait till Saturday or Sunday maybe be a little happier?

How long she been flowering?

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