Is This Ready to Harvest (Sept 6, 2023)

I’m never sure whether my plants are ready or not. Advise needed


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What week in flower are they in? I do see they’re mostly milky, which is good. I usually go for about 10% amber and the rest milky. I enjoy a good couchlock high in my grows. There is still some white to the pistils as well, but you can see they are changing color. If they were mine, I’d give them a week then re-evaluate.


Here’s a chart to help you decide when to harvest.

the sugar leaves mature faster than the buds and the top buds will mature faster than the bottom buds. Take several pics from different areas to make sure you get the right mix of amber/cloudy trichs you are looking for



That sound like a good idea.

I’m also noticing that none of my larger fan leaves or other leave are turning yellow and dying which I thought also was an indicator that I was approaching havest time.

Here are photos of the plants
August 28 2023



Thanks for replying and including the visuals. I guess I’m having a bit of a tough time distinguishing cloudy and clear. I guessing mine are cloudy when compared with your reference.

Thanks, Jerry

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They look on the cloudy side to me. I would wait another week and chop chop city it is for her lol


What strain is your plants and how long they been in flower. Here are my plant’s they are 6 week’s in flower

Should be ready toward end of September to the middle of October


@danniep40 ,Nice job Growmie :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand: looking good!!! I’m loving the fan outside LOL if mother nature won’t help you your power bill will accommodate you :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Got to keep that bud rot down been seeing alot of heavy dew in the mornings



What part of the country do you live? I’m in southern california

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Plants Looks great , fan Definitely a good idea.
Good luck finishing up.

@jerrythesurfer i live in Va near the mountains @kellydans thanks

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@jerrythesurfer your plants look great got that nice California sunshine

Absolutely, Southern Cal has amazine weather. Since May 1 to Sep 6 or about 120 days, we had 115 full sun days, one day of rain and 4 partially cloudy days. LA weather is the best. Other things about LA not so great

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Is there a plant more pampered than our Mary Jane?