Calcium Deficiency? Or something else?

This showed up only one of the bottom fan leaves. Other than that she looks great. I would really like to get on top of this before it gets worse. Ideas?

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looks like leaf miner damage. I’ve never had it but it looks like it. better wait for the big boys answer on tho.

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Is this something that can happen from getting water on the leaf when watering?

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@Covertgrower. If this guy can’t answer it he will know who will. just saw that @Hellraiser is on line he’s one of the big boys too

Looks like a damaged leaf. Any others look like that?

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Looks like something a bug/pest would do rather than a nutrient problem. Capt Jacks Deadbug or Neem oil time.


No it’s only the one bottom leaf. I see no signs of pests. It’s been a few days now and it doesn’t seem to be getting worse. Should I just take off that leaf?

I don’t see any signs of pests. Would I be able to see them the naked eye?

Yea just chop that leaf off I think its from it getting wet as well I get that some times on a bottom fan leaf as well

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The damage to the leaf is a clear sign of pests to me, nutes or spilled water didn’t cause that. You can remove the affected leaf and see if any more show up.

No, many garden pests are not really visible to the naked eye, need a loupe or magnifying glass to see the small ones.