Cal Mag or Molybdenum OR ? Please help

A week ago the ph was 7 ish and I added soil acidifier. Three plants the two most effected are white Widow Auto flower, The other plant is a Bergman’s Gold Leaf

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Wow, that’s not good. Looks like you took them from one end of the PH spectrum to the other. If I wanted to try to save them, I would wash the soil off the roots and repot with new potting soil, no guarantee that’s going to work as some may be too far gone already.

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Or a ton of flushing until your runoff is at 6.5 ph.

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I see nitrogen deficiency, phosphorus deficiency, and cal-mag deficiency.
A lot of those are caused by too high of ph, that causes some of the nutrients to be not available.


Covertgrower: I am in agreement. I had thought that too high of ph was stopping the nutrients, but with the soil acidifier it should be improving instead of getting worse. I added phosphorus this morning. I am thinking to add cal-mag next and see if they improve. Thoughts?

Hellraiser: I am certain that type of transplant would kill even a healthy plant.

Nothing will improve until you get your ph back in check. Those nutrients are unavailable.

The more I look around the more I think this is the problem Stop Molybdenum Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants Now!
Or the most of it, anyway. None of my fertilizer products have this listed on package

Agreed. I will check again to see where it is now.

I disagree with your synopsis of your above link. I stand by what I stated.


Thank you

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This is a severe Thrips infestation. The black dots on your leaves are the feces they leave behind. Look for tiny bugs on the leaves or under them. They are smaller than a rice grain, so you’ll need to look closely.

The fact that it is this bad, could be the cause of all your problems. You may not even have any deficiencies, it might just be the plant reacting to being infected by thrips.

Not at all, I do that with my plants I reveg after a harvest, wash all the soil from the roots, trim the roots, and repot in fresh soil, they love it and come back stronger.

Adding anything like phosphorus or calmag is not going to help as your plant’s ph is all screwed up and won’t be uptaking anything you add until you fix the ph. What is the ph of your runoff water?

And as GrowDocApp suggested, may even be a pest problem. The white spots on the greener leaves could be thrips or powdery mildew, you got so many bad things going on with your plants that it’s hard to tell all the real problems they have.

I see the same. Probably PH out of range too and nute burn at some point.

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Interesting.! After harvest you say? So you harvest the buds and replant? And then they bud again?

I would like to thank all of you for your answers. As I was running enough water through to check the PH of the run off I added a bloom fertilizer to the water 5-5-5 plus trace amounts of all the lesser nutes. The runoff Ph was just under 7. Test of soil today 6 PH, and the plants are already looking better.
I looked closely for thrips and did not see any. I did see a few flying bugs (gnats I think) I have some Sevin insecticide. OK to use? When I use on grape plants and Peach trees I allow 6 weeks before harvest. Is that enough time for smokeable plants?

Yes, it’s a reveg after harvest. I’ve done this when I did not take clones of all the girls in flowering (which I do now) and then discovered thru early samples that one was very special and I did not want to lose the genetics. So I harvest most of the plant leaving a few of the lower buds intact, I take the plant out back and wash off the roots and trim them up a bit and repot in fresh soil and put under 24 hr lighting. Takes a couple/few weeks for them to return to vegetative growth and start pumping out new branches and leaves but they do and then you can flower them again or keep as a mother for clones.

This plant here was grown out, flowered, harvested, then revegged, made a mother and pumped out hundreds of clones for me and my friends for 2 years and then I flowered her again for one last harvest from her, made me sad to see her go, but she will live on thru clones. I just harvested her last weekend.


Thanks for the education!

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Amazing. I would love to learn more about this process that you have shared here. Beautiful photo too. Fantastic colours.

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Hi hellraiser i sent my comment to @steve33 by mistake i noticed after the fact.
Seems you got it anyway.
What a beautiful photo of an amazing plant.
I sure would love to learn more about how you did that.
Ive read about creating a plant as the mother but i dont fully understand how it works or what it means.
Many years ago i knew a friend of a friend that had a plant in the ground in his back yard that was a few years old.
Eventually the cops found him out.
And were very apologetic about the act they felt compelled to take as even they could apreciate how rare and amazing this plant was that they were about to pull.
The bottom branches could be stood in and stood at 6 ft.
Closest thing to what you have done is with a silverbeet plant that i grew for 3 years in the garden stood about 4ft with a big fat trunk at the base.
I could pull laterals off the side of it plant them in the ground and grow new plants like that.