Cal Mag or Molybdenum OR ? Please help

Hey @Blackmoon, making a “mother” is simply taking a known female and keeping it in veg (or growing out, flowering, harvesting most of the buds and then revegging her under 24 hour light as I did to the above plant) and topping it as needed to make many branches that can be taken as cuttings to make clones, similar as what you did with the silverbeet plant.

The colors on my plant above is partly genetics of the strain (Cherry Do Si Do) and the way I flush the soil of my plants when they’re near harvest. When my plants are almost done (mostly cloudy trichomes) I do a good flush and then only give water for the last 2 weeks or so, really brings on the harvest colors. I don’t like having “green” plants at harvest time. Also makes the smoke so tasty not having excess nutes remaining in the plant and burns to a nice white ash. I’m all about growing the absolute best quality buds.

Here are 3 clones of the plant above that are about to go into flowering:

And more clones soon to go into veg:

I am of the opposite school. Give the plant what it wants and it will reward you at the end. As my goal is to produce flower that tastes like Unicorn Farts I have been overjoyed to get the results I have. A good flush with runoff numbers monitored throughout the final two weeks produces fantastic results.

@Blackmoon using a Mother plant to populate a flowering tent is probably the most productive technique you can do and here’s why:

Your Mother plant is mature so any clones taken will be sexually mature as well. This eliminates 6 to 8 weeks waiting for a photoperiod plant to reach sexual maturity. Clones are rooted and then flipped (about two weeks after planting) and managed for one good cola. You can expect 1 oz from each plant and in a 3 X 3 can populate a flood table (hydro) with 36 in that space easily. Run em out to harvest then do all over again.

The result is every 2 1/2 to 3 months a 36 oz harvest.

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A sample of my recent harvest, best weed I’ve ever had and I’ve had everything:

@Myfriendis410, yep two schools of thought and I’ve been in both at one time or another. When I was growing commercially, I fed them to the end to get the most weight $. Now that I just grow for myself, don’t care about weight and prefer it my way, as it is I give away 3/4 of what I grow to friends and family. That topic is what me and my friends argue about most, comparing buds we’ve grown, the taste, the ash. etc… It’s a debate that will never be won by either side because we all feel “our way” is the best way.


I do the same and it makes me feel better for being high all of the time (literally haha).

Yeah; a lot of growers don’t understand that what works for one person/region won’t do squat for another in a different situation.

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Welcome GrowDocApp! I agree it looks like thrips.

No thrips present. only a few gnats. I sprayed SEVIN. now no gnats either. They were recovering already once I got the PH down but I got rid of the few insects anyway just in case. I doubt however that the insects had anything to do with it. I think it was just the PH really. I am surprised that it got so bad so quickly and that it took almost a week to show any sign of recovery. I’ll take some pictures to post of recovery.

Very nice looking bud indeed

Thank you for sharing sounds really good.

Im an outside grower as i live off the grid and dont have a battery bank or enough solar panels to supply the batteries i do have to run a grow tent. Not yet any how. Looking into it though so dont know how i would be able to keep my female
warm enough after id havested most of her flowers through the cold winter to keep her going as a mother plant.

Very amazing what can be done though.

I just learnt a lot thank you.

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You’re very welcome, helping each other to grow better/more weed is what we should all be about.

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Hi thanks for that feed back.
Cant agree more.
I took a few macro photos today of my girls.
Nice long clear trichomes.
Im guessing another week maybe 2.
No idea really.
Any suggestions.
@Covertgrower @AAA

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More likely to be longer. But sometimes they turn quick.

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As promised recovery pictures.

This plant may be getting too hot. Lots of taco-ing of the leaves.