Have tried CalMag for weeks now ph is at 6.5

Iv tried CalMag for weeks now my water is 6.5 at first it was just one now it’s all of them.
Lemon haze auto
Week 5
10L pots
Coco/soil medium
LED/24hr light cycle (due to temperature and humidity)
2L of water every 2 days per plant


Are you feeding them anything else?


They look like they are starving. Are you feeding them anything else?


Your plants are hungry. Should be using a balanced cannabis fertilizer as well. Cannabis also needs nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and micronutrients (iron, copper, boron, manganese,…)

A victim of Rollitup advice, where the answer for every ailment is cal/mag?

Coco and soil grows are managed very differently. It’s best to not mix them.

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Agree with all on needing nutrients. Coco and soil isn’t recommended with each having a different PH and range for nutrient absorption. What’s your watering/feeding frequency and do you do this to run off and check the PH and PPMs?

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:point_up_2:This kills me when I see it as the 1st answer to all similar symptoms :love_you_gesture:

Folks around here that do it get corrected pretty quick when they do it 4 or 5 times in a row. We had one a few months ago, but he’s a good contributor now. We’ve got some pretty good growers here.

Cal/mag deficiencies aren’t all that common. Seems limited to the very new who don’t know they may need it later in a grow. I think people do it because it’s hard to hurt a plant with cal/mag and they just don’t know what else to say, yet still want to help.


I’m using Sho gun nutrients. First time Iv ever heard of it. But I’m giving the recommended dose.

Will they survive if I fix the nutrient problem?

Whoa, that’s bad. Looks like a harvest to me.

Based on what I can see, I don’t think they have enough time left to recover. I’d just harvest her if she was mine. I think she’s close enough to smoke OK. Based on this pic, you’re only a week or so out anyway. Maybe limp her a few more days…


My 2 cents, give a good flush 3x the amount of water to size of pots, get your soil clean and start again. Best of luck that combo of cocco and soil is a dangerous beast best of luck


The bottom half of the plant is still green. Maybe I harvest the top?

Might be woth a shot. Only you can decide! Good luck!

If you are looking for the damaged leaves to recover, they won’t. Your plant is done making new leaves and only adds bud material(maybe some sugar leaves)from here on out. As noted, you are near the finish line anyway so just monitor the trichomes until they are how you like it.

I possibly see a hunger plant maybe do to lock out or under feed. .
Ppm of run off will give us an idea.
Hopefully you have them numbers?

Also possibly light stress as bottom half is still green and leafs get worse as you get closer to the top.
What kinda light do you have about how close?

Week 5 of flower i wouldn’t harvest it yet you can bring it back and it will swell up more.
If we can figure out whats going on you can pluck all the effected leafs and she will look like a new plant. But need get her healthy first…

That advise is worth more then 2 cents my freind.
That’s very likely exactly what needs done :+1:

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water meaning runoff?
Where was it when you started adding CalMag?
What did your plant look like 3 weeks ago?
Anything like this


@Kingkupa that is where I was heading too.