By far the bushies plant i have had

Blue haze, feminized, right at 3 months, these plants took a hit when it started getting like freezing, my room at night got down to th 40s for about a week or so before i could get my heaters. Got cought off guard, but all survived but all five took a hit. All are different, durbin poision, blue haze, bruce banner, and one no name(medical marijuana i bought had a seed). Check my collection


They look damn good considering a week of almost freezing …which one is the bruce banner ?? Im running 14 bb#3 for the first time. Any tips or peculiarities u have noticed growing out the bruce banner ?

My Bruce banners always turn out good

You would do the tall bushy one a favor by defoliating the center of the plant and also bending the tall branches over. It looks like it is in 2nd week of flower so you can still help it out. If you do that then lower the light