Buying new seeds help

getting ready to order seeds from ilgm im down to 2 kinds the lsd or geleto auto flower, will be growing in 2x2x4 tent in coco perlite 70/30 watering with jacks 321 only anybody ever grow these like that and what are your opinions also after germination should i put seeds straight in the coco or start them in small cups with soil if so when to transplant dont want to do wrong after spending $100 on seeds appreicate any and all feedback thanks


If this is your first grow, I would recommend the photoperiod version first. More control, better recovery.
Gelato or LSD are both solid strain choices.


First off I’d recommend you buy photoperiod instead of autoflowers


Great minds…lol.




you are in for a challenge with 4’ tent. Even more reason for photoperiod. Short veg period and train them short


Another vote for Photoperiod plants. They give you time to correct deficiencies while Autos don’t. :+1::+1:


thanks for all the replys but since i live in a non pot friendly state descretion is a must my buddy and i whom we split seeds is getting some female period plants next spring i will try one outside but with my 4 ft high tent im staying with auto for my indoor grows right now and to be honest im a little scared of photo right now will try one out side next year but i want your exp on how to start my autos and best way to start my next grow here is a couple pics of my first indoor grow of zittles at 9 wks old and im happy so far i think we all know the proof is in the high thanks all



I have little coco pellets I use for seedlings.

Once a tap root shows, they go into that. I give them a few weeks and then they (and rooted clones) go into quart bags with non amended soil.

They stay there for a month (or until roots start growing out of the bags) then go into 3-10 gallon pots with amended soil (I use Happy Frog dry amendments).

They get top dressed once a month with the occasional tea.

You need a bigger tent. Don’t get me wrong, you can make it work. So many others have with less.

If space is the issue, you can always train your plant. I had a mainlined Super Skunk that was only 18" tall when she went into flower. Still stretched 6" and was just at 2’ tall.

Or with photoperiod plants, you can grow little bushes.

Or big little bushes.

Or little big bushes.

That’s the deal. I just dropped $120 on an order that won’t be here for a bit, but when it arrives I want to be prepared. I’ve got my soil builds down and I figure my watering is on point. Next year will start with new lights. No matter what strides I made over the last year, inadequate lighting has always been a bane for me. I’m looking at HLG lights. I might get one of their kits. So, the plan is to await the arrival of the new beans and when they do and the wife wants me to pop a few, I’ll claim I was waiting until we got good lights and presto, like magic, I’ll get new lights. I love my life.


understand. I was of the same mind. But once I grew a photo and I knew I could set a timer to come on and go off when I wanted it to, I found them to be much more rewarding. I .am in an illegal midwest state so if was to grow anything outside it would be an auto. I probably have 10 - 12 auto seeds in the refrigerator. I enjoy growing photos a whole lot more.


Gelato is good it yeilds fairly high and its a great smoke

I’m gonna go with the others and say if be better off with photos as u can control them more do more lst hst and other things and have recovery time to keep them smaller. Autos have a mind of their own and can grow big or small if u r doing autos I’d recommend to atleast lst early on of start off in the pot u plan on keeping it in also offset the seed so when I do lst u have plenty of dirt to pull it down to. When u Bend it over and steak it down spread all the branching out as even as u can get everything and just let it go for a week or so then pull it down more to keep it low but widen it up. I’d do whatever I could to keep the lights turned up and keep that node spacing as tight as possible good luck

thanks for all the input ok now for dumb question when you guys talk photoperiod seeds are you just talking about feminized seeds i was under the impression that you got autos or fem seeds only want to make sure i know what your talking about yhanks

If you order from ILGM, all seeds are feminized meaning they will be female. Autoflowers flower automatically after a certain size, or when they are mature enough.

Photoperiod from ILGM are feminized also, but won’t flower until the light schedule is changed to 12/12.

Regular seeds are both male and female, and you can have regular autoflowers too. They just don’t sell them at ILGM.
Hope this helps @ocho

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yes it did i read about it at ilgm and i gota grip on it now but for my indoor grow im gona do auto and try photonext spring outside thanks for the help my indoor zittles looks real good tricones all clear right now at 9 wks so a few more wks the cola is about 5 in long and 1 1/2 dia so must be getting something right thanks again to all

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