Burnt too late?’

This is a photo of one of my pineapple chunks. As you can see she is pretty nutrient burnt here. I have about 25 days left in flower. Is that enough time to flush the nutes from this plant so it dosent affect the taste, is that even what happens? I am a newbie and I’m just trying to salvage the flowers on this plant. Thanks.


I’d probably go straight water … But I’m not a professional maybe let’s some more experience fellow growers chime in

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I would immediately flush out the soil with purified water. You want to rid the plant of nitrogen befor harvest for a smoother smoke anyway


What makes you think 25 days?

You might try providing more grow info to get the best advice.

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Welcome, looks to have a few weeks left to finish. I would start with checking run off numbers. PPM an PH Make adjustments accordingly. Good luck :v:


I agree with kellydans. Runoff PPM will give you the best direction to go.

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Like others have stated, filling out a support ticket will help folks help you better.

Although you may have been feeding to much at some point to get some nute burn, I see mostly light issues. I would be willing to bet the light was too close about a week or two ago. The newer growth looks fine.

Normally when leaves turn up is because of light issues. There is nothing you can do with the damaged leaves. With 25 days left, about all you can do is continue feeding and maintain proper growing conditions. Then water only for the last two weeks. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

@Biged719 late to this party but wishing you good luck as you ride this out!! Hopefully she’ll rebound for you at the finish line! :crossed_fingers: