Screwed up Huge. Any Hope?

ILGM Runtz Autos, just over 8 weeks, indoor, soil.
Being in Mexico I could not find any of the listed Nutrients. My gardener gave me a bag of 16 - 16 - 16. I then asked him for nutrients specific for flowers. As you can see I over did it. Of my 4 plants 2 have major nutrient burn. I flushed then thoroughly but the damage is done. Will they come back? How much should I trim off?Not all stems are affected. Any ideas or help appreciated.


The leaves are done. That being said you will finish fine more than likely. Just back down the nutes till she stabilizes and finish her off. Damage is done. Let her live the rest of her life strss free. I bet the soil has enough nutes to finish already. I personally would just water now phed well. If needs a feed from here i would just press a bloom nute and call it good.


Yep, I agree totally, wait and see. Well said @Storm.

The only thing to add is try and remove the crispy leaves. Tweezers or carefully plucking as they crisp up. Especially the sun leaves with the half crispy tips. The crispy leaves are always the first place botrytis and PM start of the RH gets high around the dense flowers at harvest. Better no leaves there than half crispy ones. Defoliate them as the dry out…. You will thank me later.


Good call.


You did flush her really good already right. If not do so and you might just as well trim off those leaves so they’re Decay doesn’t cause further troubles. Looks like it was overdone on nitrogen. So after a week start feeding your newts minus the regular amount of nitrogen. Hopefully she has heart. My Girl Scout developed root rot at the beginning of stretch. I pulled he, trimmed 1/3 of her roots back. Then flush them really good and replanted in Happy Frog. She should be ready this week

Had to trim almost all her leaves off. You can see the ones I trimmed all the dead edges. if you look closely you’ll see just how spindly her stems are. Yet she packed it on. I’m cheap use extremely hard well I typically will flush every 3 to 4 weeks to flush out some of the salts, lime, and Newt concentrations .lol
Good luck


Thank you & Storm Decided to start trimming dead leaves yet so many are in the buds. Decided to take 3 days to remove as I am worried about stress. At 8+ weeks I have some very nice & sticky buds. I will go slowly, once dried out I will flush again & just go with what is there. 1 plant not affected is maybe 2 to 3 weeks from being done. Again thanks for the valuable info & hope by trimming I am not taking too much or creating extreme stress.