Burnt marijuana leaves gold leaf grow!

A question from a fellow grower:

I am growing your gold leaf plants and using your grow and feeding schedules with the nutrient booster you sell. I am in week 5 of flowering and the plants are looking great overall, but I have found an issue with a couple of leaves towards the top of two of the plants. I have attached photos of the damage, can you tell by looking if this is something to be concerned about, or do I just trim the bad leaves away?

What are you growing in. I can se the damage, but no idea what problems may have been the cause of this. However; It looks like nutrient burn. :open_mouth:

I am growing in Miracle Grow Potting Mix in 3 gallon buckets. I am using the marijuana booster nutrients from the feeding schedule provided. After some other reading, I have found that my PH was too low at about 5.9. Could that be responsible for the damage you see? If so, should I remove he damaged leaves ?

The problem is that you are using a soil with fertilizer added. Adding an aggressive commercial nutrient to that mix can cause severe toxidity levels

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This is my first grow…the problem only seems to be affecting two of ten plants. What can I do to get things back on track?

1st, I would scan all over the effected plants for bugs. Check the ph of your runoff.

If you decide it is a nutrient issue; All you do is flush the effected plants with plain ph’d water. After flushing allow plant to almost dry out befor ewatering again. The 2-3 days between waterings should allow you to see how your flush affected the plants. You may want to use plain water again, but in most cases; Once flushed well, and in flowering; You can add a fresh batch of full strength, properly ph’d nutrient solution.

Check ofr bugs, then check ph of runoff. Let us know what you find. :slight_smile:

No bugs, PH was 6.5


How is it going? It has been a few days

Things seemed to be doing better, but now all the plants are starting to have issues with the leaves starting to yellow. The room temp is in mid 70’s with lights on (600 watt HPS), in 60’s with lights off. The humidity is staying around 45…I have ten plants growing in 3 gal containers, sitting in a large tray. I water the plants every other day now with water with a PH of 6.2 to 6.5, adding 4 ml of THC booster per gallon of water. Each plant gets about 1/2 gal of water. I will send new pics when I get off work today.

I’m no expert by any means. However, I have seen plants killed with overwatering.

If I watered my plants every other day, they would be drowning. Every three days is at times too often. I water as they show me they need to. I also use the “pick up” test. If the pot feels heavy, it doesn’t need water, if it feels light it does need water.

(I am also using 3 gallon contaners.)

The average amount of water my plants get is 6 cups. You’re giving them 8 cups. Not sure about the nute amount, but I give 1/2 of manufacturers suggestion and then mix it with 1/3 water before the plants get it. I also nute once a week.

Having trouble posting photos, can you please tell me how to get my photos n here. Sorry, old guy new to this stuff. Thanks

I have three gold leaf with yellowing leaves. It looks exactly like the photos of magnesium deficit with a little manganese deficit too. I have four other strains growing and none of them are showing the same thing. I think it might be strain specific. Look at the pics of G.L.on seed page and you’ll see yellow leaves especially on the picture of the plant in heavy bud. Maybe that’s why it’s called Gold leaf . 'I added a cal-mag supplement but I’m really not too worried about it because plants look great anyway. Another odd thing I’ve noticed with Gold leaf is the pistils are turning color way early, some started changing in fourth week of flower. That’s something I haven’t seen in other types. Is that happening to anyone else?

No thats certainly not a strain trait. It’s definitely not supposed to be there, but I myself do not know what it is :confused:. I guess keep researching and hopefully someone who does know will speak up! Keep us posted.

The pistil color change sounds on par with what I have seen the last 3 gold leaf grows of mine. As for the leaves I found I had to watch my feeding towards mid to late Bloom, ended adjusting down and running .9-1 ec until flush.

So you are saying it’s a light feeder? How was the stuff by the way? It’s a beautiful plant very easy growing even with yellowing leaves (it is a weed after all). I hope my peeps like it.