Burnt ends on leaves on indoor grown plants

Question from a fellow grower: i am having burns tips on new growth, the tips dont grow yellow than turn brown, but come out directly brown.

  • Strain: Pakistan Valley “WOS” regular, landrace 100% indica.

  • Type (fem/auto/reg):

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): forest soil mixed with canabis friendly soil.

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: now i have found out that my ph was not right, my tap water ph “wich i had used” is 8 ph. now i use rain watter and distilled water.

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): in the begining i have not used nutrients, exept some banana peels mixed with the soil in the begining. now i use fish mix and bio bloom, im in preflowering stage.

  • Light type & schedule: 2x vipar spectra reflector series 450 w for 6 plants at height about 20 inch. all switches are on.

  • Temperatures day & night: temperature is just right, it goes at 26 celsius and 20 during the night. “wich is a day time outside” but no light enters the box. isolated to keep heat for long times.

  • Humidity day & night: at day 70 % but at night my exaust is off and because of the heat from the oil heater it rises at 80 %, this happens because i have overwatered. i need to fix overwattering.

  • Ventilation: its a ram echaust fan 6 inch, runing at low speed when the lights are on. the room size is about 3m x 120cm x h170 cm.

  • AC: 220 v.

  • Humidifier: no, i dont need it.

  • De-humidifier: i use the exaust fan. “i will but a fan controller”

  • Co2: i use a myco2 bag generator, and a fan to ventilate the area over the plants. the fan is positioned over the bag, ventilating down to the plants, it is not a strong wind. the fan stays on all time.

i gave humus recently.

i have figured out some insects and will filter the air intake with a coton blocker cloath on the intake tube.

i also had phosphorus deficiency, not it is recovering from that issue. but the burnt tips still come out of the new growth.

Sounds like you’re having nutrient burn

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Hi - I would suggest that controlling and stabilizing the pH at 6.5 for soil will help rectify the situation. Getting a hold of a digital pH meter, digital pH meter, pH 7.0 calibration solution, and pH up and down - if they don’t have this already - is a key next step.

If they can join the forum an post some pics that would also help us.

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Best to fill out a grow questionnaire for getting informed responses.

Pics taken in white light are more helpful.

PH n PPM meter set is critical. $20 online.

Sounds like nutrient burn to me to.