Bumping up to larger pot

My clones are ready to go into 12/12 hrs. They have gotten a little bit bigger than I would of liked. They can wilt easily if not watered first thing in the morning. I plan on putting in the flowering room and starting the SCROG with them. I noticed that the with last ones they grew 2-4 weeks after 12/12.

If I put them into a larger pot should I postpone the 12/12? Or will they do fine?

If so how long? This will be the final from this Maui - Northern Lights. I have more seeds and also 4 other varieties I want to try.

Thanks RAP

If you transplant and flower right away, you might as well leave them in their pot. You also never stated the size of the current pot, or the larger container you’re going to move them into.

I would delay 12/12 for at least a week or two, only if they’re not currently root bound. If there root bound, I would extend veg time longer. The more roots you have the more flowers you’ll have.

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I am growing in a large pot. 14"??? The originals were in 5gal nursery containers. These pots are the same sized or slightly larger. The only way for me to go larger is a 5gal paint sized bucket. I hope to get some pics to show of the first batch as I have colas about 10-12" long and 2-3" wide. I would be happy with the same size results as the first but also the plants this time are 1.5 times bigger this time than the original.

So if I bump the size up 2 weeks additional 18/6 should be enough before changing to 12/12? And it would help with the SCROG?

Thanks RAP

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5 gallons are fine. I use a mix of 5 and 10. The tens do get a bit taller and bushier from what I have seen so far.