Bugs eating my girls

Does anyone know what’s eating my plants. I can’t find anything just a couple of gnats.

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Should I use this


there is nothing there

Sorry thought it posted

how old are your plants and what are they in veg or flower?

3 to 4 weeks in veg

ok, if you have any buds forming I would be careful around them, but otherwise that should work!


Awesome. Thank you

When you apply that make sure the hot lights are off so that the leaves don’t burn.


Good, @bob31 as give you a pretty good advise…

If I may, spray under the leaves, because, if you do not see anything on the top of them, they’re under them…

Fungus gnat do not eat leaves, even the larvae…They eat roots… You most probably have thrips or aphids…

Stuff with pyrethrines will probably works, however, be aware that aphids and thrips are becoming more and more resistant to that stuff…

So, if your stuff did not work, I recommand that you try “SafeSoap” this is a trade mark product that is safe for plant and human consumption…

If it’s does not work, go with BTK organic insecticide. This is safe too, but much more efficient…

Be advise that all insecticide have to be apply at the end of the light cycle to avoïd, like said bob31, leaves burn and you must give a water spray rince in the beginning of the light cycle and repeat as much as needed…

Hoping that’s helping you @Frescal, do not hesitate to ask for help :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


I removed all plants from my tent right before my lights went out. Clean out my tent and then spray them one by one inside the tent. I sprayed under the leaves first then the top. Then put them to sleep.

Niala that’s a great idea to spray then with water right before the lights come back on.

Thank you guys for your help.


You’re welcome Frescal , it’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower :grinning: