Buffering coco coir

Hi first I’m sorry for the poor English and possible mistakes

  1. Is it possible to buffer the coco coir with this fertilizer ? If so, how much per liter should I use?

Calcium complex

Nitrogen% (16.7 w/v) (10 w/w)

Calcium% (25 w/v) (15w/w)

magnesium% (2.5 w/v) (1.5 w/w)

Iron% (0.16 w/w) (0.1 w/v)

Molybdenum% (0.0017 w/v) (0.001 w/v)

Bor% (0.08 w/v) (0.05 w/w)

Copper% (0.017 w/v) (0.01w/w)

Manganese% (0.16w/v) (0.1 w/w)

Amino acid% (7.5 w/v) (4.5 w/w)

  1. Appropriate pH of water when buffering coco peat

Thanks for your help

I really not sure about buffering coco cause i use coco that has been buffered already and as for ph 5.8

Shouldn’t be an issue as long as the plants get enough of each nutrient.

I buffer the coco coir with full strength jacks 321 nutrients.

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