Buds with funny yellow puffy things

More of the yellow puffy things on the i pretty sure its sweet tooth

They are female calyxes.


And seriously swollen! Nice!


Smoked a whole bowl of them during my recent chop of skywalker x forumstomper.


One or two is all I need. Imma cheap high :crazy_face:


Those are actually what the buds are made of, what happen was you entered flower and the plant stretched and stem grew away from the original (flowers).

Could be from the plant wanting more light.
The yellowing could be a deficiency/lockout, lack of nutrients, lack of light. Hard to say. But that’s gonna be some good stuff! Enjoy it! Now would be a good time to do some reading on drying and curing if you haven’t already. Drying and curing is a very important step and will make all the difference in the final product.


It grew into one long bud it had to much light i think at young age the other is like size of a corn dog very dense

I put them under big lights as seedlings

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Generally 50 watts of true power per square foot is good for 12/12.

Maybe you need more root space with fabric pots? They always seem to help me. With. Good feeding and runoff plan, obviously testing with a good ph and ppm meter. Huge tools for success!

I never turn my lights off mostly ther normal plants now an then iget a wierd one i gor 13 health ones i dont pull unhealthy plants i got lights everywere on 24 /7 i grow odd plants i got a couple i grew grom buds i cut off i grow plant stumps get another ounce or so i like the wierd plants this is a stalk that i threw out an drug back in an replanted

An the plant smells like fruity pebbles

This this not putting a lot but it looks very good