Buds turning brown from the bottom

This is a autoflower and I don’t think it’s ready to harvest but the bottom of the buds are turning brown. I sprayed with Captain Jacks on Monday. Please help I’m a beginner !


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I am too new to assist you, but there are many great people that will chime in and help.

Sorry looks like bud rot. Let me tag a few growers. @MattyBear @BobbyDigital @Covertgrower @beardless @Not2SureYet @Nicky


Welcome to the community.


It did this about 4 to six weeks ago and I thought that I had missed harvesting (since it’s an auto flower) but it grew new stems out of the brown clumps and now it’s doing it again

Here’s a picture of the whole plant

It’s bud rot. it’s all pretty tight in there… bud rot spreads spores probably infecting all those buds… TRY to isolate that branch in a plastic bag and cut it off. If you have a fire pit burn it. Seriously… more than likely it’s infected every near by branch. Shame. Seems early. After removing spray the rest of the plant with 50/50 3%peroxide and water… then hope for the best.


Definitely a recipe for concern. I would cut some of that at out to open up for better airflow.


If you were to open it. This more than likely what you are going to see. Not a pretty site


It’s a very sad sight. Unfortunately it seems to hit the most dense and dank… which is a goal for everyone. Rock hard buds. Which comes risk. Outdoors even more so with unpredictable weather. Lots of outdoor folks are getting it this year… depressing image.


Sorry for your loss…


Looks like bud rot. Sorry this happened to you.

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Welcome to the community. That is a bummer for sure. Hope you can still get some good harvest out of the rest of your grow.

This is why we need to get in there and clean up the interior of the plant. It promotes airflow and allows for a better inspection of your crop.

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Oh man I’m so sorry. Maybe you can still isolate it and keep it from spreading :thinking:

Welcome to the community. Sad to say I’ve experienced enough bud rot to know that’s what it is. Spray w peroxide water and trim it away or remove the whole bud. Hopefully you can salvage some of the grow. When mine got the rot after removing the obviously infected parts I used the entire rest of the plant for extraction. Didn’t want to chance letting anybody smoke mold from something of mine. I’ve learned how important airflow is.

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Thanks for all your help