Buds aren't growing

Hello, We bought Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds (Indica) and the buds started appearing but never grew bigger… the plants are outside here in Zone 7a and 4 plants have failed. they would get plenty of sun, We pinched them off just once and one plant branched out nicely, but now the branches are turning brown as are the small buds. What is the issue??? Plenty of drainage in pots and adequate rain. Is it a nutrient issue or a too-much-water issue?


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Try opening up the bud close to the completely brown, dead leaves. Looks like you may have bud rot going on.


Same issue as my last post… more photos

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Autos do what they want. Some get big and others stay smaller.
What I see is a plant that is done growing.
Only a couple white pistils on top. All the others are brown and curled up.
I would harvest it and think about my next grow.

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I agree with Spiny. It’s done growing. I’ve never grown autoflower but it looks immature but in old age. I’ve seen similar when a plant is started late in the season but this looks like what I’d see in late October.

But yeah. I’d harvest and try again.