Budrot what can I do. It’s pretty bad

Bud rot what can I use. I’ve heard that potassium bicarbonate or peroxide solution. What can I do.

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Pics bro show us pics so we can help…


I’ll get some pictures tomorrow but it’s really brown and it’s from inside to outside

Will peroxide 50/50 water help

Yes but my grow bro just went through that situation and he will know the proper ratio… they will chime in tomorrow… you can save some of her if it’s only a spot or two… … @NUG61 @MeEasy @OGIncognito @JJ520 @Storm @CooterJuice help is on the way :muscle::100:


A peroxide solution will not fix affected buds it only helps prevent the spread. theaffected areas need to be removed I spray the area with a 4 to1 solution before I remove the bud or part of bud good luck bud rot sucks


Thanks for the tag @anon1893985 , hey @Smokeyjoe21 sorry to hear about the rot there’s always so much this time of year :cry: I recommend reading this or something similar


Cut out, bag and dispose of all affected parts. Make sure all cuts have clean margins in healthy plant material. Clean utensils with peroxide during and after use.

Use a bud wash everything to be dried


A picture is worth a 1000 words. Nothing good about Bud rot or mold. Nice clear pictures.


Thank you for being so helpful and thanks for joining in on this :blush::muscle::100:


All good advice here. Also consider preventative measures. If it’s being caused by caterpillars eating and pooping on your buds, use spinosad. If it’s climate related, can you shelter the plant from rain and morning dew?

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Love pics

Sorry this happened to your nice looking bud. I had it happen to one bud and was fretting the whole batch to be lost. Got lucky. Hope you did too.

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I use a homemade spray made of food-grade potassium bicarbonate, unscented Castile soap (doc bronners) and water 2-3 times a week or more if needed up to and after harvest.

Mix 1 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate and 1/2 teaspoon of soap into a 28-32 ounce sprayer and shake well to mix…

Spray liberally all over plants including leaves, flowers, stalk and top of soil.

Use to prevent or treat infected areas.

Remove all areas of rot / necrosis and don’t be afraid to soak plant down.

Try to keep plants out of humidity if possible and maybe even consider an early harvest if infection is severe enough.

Good luck!