Bud wash = faster drying?

People with experience using the hydrogen peroxide wash method after harvest…

Do you find your buds dry faster than without? I used it on some buds for the first time on Monday. I did a quick check this morning and they already feel dry and branches snap on day 5. (Dark room at 70 degrees and 60% humidity) They look, smell, and feel great, but I partially wonder if they dried TOO fast.

I saw a YouTube video that did an experiment and “proved” buds dry faster this way than without the H2O2 wash, but this is crazy. What are other people’s experience?


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My take.

I’m not sure that it makes a difference. Trichomes repel water, so it would make sense that the plant matter doesn’t absorb any of the water from a wash. I’ve never noticed a difference in drying time between washed and unwashed.

I will say in my experience the wash gives a more even dry. Also tastes better. I will be washing all future harvests


I don’t wash my plants. Since I live in South Texas and no Central AC, my plants dry pretty fast. I also break the plant up in sections aka off the main branch.

I wash my outdoor, just like I wash the vegetables I grow outdoors in my garden.

I don’t wash my indoor unless I’ve had some kind of issue with pests or mold/mildew.


I’m with @Budz Wash everytime.


As @Arrow said. We all have mold. That’s why I’ll wash every time.


I am surprised I never get mold in South Texas high humidity. I live 22 miles from the Gulf. I do run 2 fans in the grow tent.

It’s omnipresent. Whether you see it or not on the surface, you’ll see it in the wash.


I wash everything so I don’t know, but it’s not like the bud is dry. You’re not adding that much moisture to the plant. I don’t believe it significantly extends drying time.

yes… :sunglasses: :v:


I cut three plants late July. Did not wash. Stems only now went from bend to snap. They dried in my closed tent in the dark with ventilation. Humidity is higher than normal since we just had a new swamp cooler installed.

My grow was indoors and I was amazed at the particles that came off the buds after wash and they dried evenly in 7 days, so I think I will wash every grow.


I don’t do the entire wash that some do. Just a peroxide dip, swish, and rinse in ro/di. I keep the rinse water fresh. Peroxide solution gets pretty grungy, but still does its job of breaking everything loose for the rinse.

One time I actually used a spray bottle for the peroxide then just rinsed after heavy spray down. Was a small harvest.


I washed mine this year for the first time,Am still curing so I don’t know how they will taste? I didn’t have a great amount of trichs this batch around but did have a lot of Caterpillars and a lil doo doo (not much) But I saw a lot of dusty,grit and a few lil critters in the water which convinced me to wash is better…Oh yeah well Im outdoors.

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