Bud rot from moisture where weeds had shaded it over really bad

Are they anything that can be done besides cutting off buds that have become white mucus with rot. They was crowded out by weeds to a point that I cut it all back to find what I think is rot or mold. Don’t have pics but if it would help I can get some the next time I’m out that way. Really appreciate any advice you could give.


You really can’t take a chance. At the very least post a pic. Might not be bud rot. Might be a bug. Can’t really advise you what to do.


Not much else to do except cut it out. Be careful it spreads like cancer take alcohol with you and wipe your shears between each cut and wrap a plastic bag around the rest of the plant leaving only the infected parts out so you don’t accidentally drop mold spours on anything that is still good.

After you think you’ve got it all, I would use hydrogen peroxide 4tbs in a one quart sprayer and soak the L out of the entire plant. Do this right before dark so the sun doesn’t burn it up, wait like 15 minutes or so and shake any excess moisture out of the buds or that moisture could cause a problem later

@oldmarine has a very good point, this is rot


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Give me a bit I’ll hike back up don’t have signal and get pics. Only difference from them pics is a mucus white looking

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Possible it’s something else

Ok here’s what I haven’t cut off and it looks about the same as your pics

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Hate to say it but I’m pretty sure it’s rot

That’s what I figured. I know my pics don’t show it well but I had already cut the worse off and thrown it away. Anything I can do. Like the peroxide spray. To stop the spread. This white widow is the only one that has it. The rest are good for now.

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Ok see that’s for mold so guess cut and pray. Hopefully the clearing of weeds help with air circulation and sun getting to it better.

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Seeing the bug damage it’s probably from the bugs they get inside the buds eat n shit the bacteria starts growing and they start to rot. Moths, catapillar, grasshoppers etc spraying something like capitan jacks dead bug, lost coast or similar 3 feet around the plants and the plants helps. You have to start spraying as soon as you start growing

Well thank you for responding but this will be the last I grow there. Besides no more hiding they made it legal to grow in Virginia. I’ll spray but that cuduz is thought to deal with anyway. Wish our plants grew like it. Two foot a day.

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