Bubbleheads first grow

Strain: ILGM - AK-47, White Widow, Bubble Gum. Choice Seeds - Jack Herer. All feminized
Soil: Promix BX, 5-Gallon grow bags
System Type: n/a
pH runoff: n/a - have not started watering
What strength of nutrients: n/a - not started. When I start I will be using Aurora Master 5ML at 1/3 strength
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor. 39”x39”x72” tent
Light System: HLG-300
Temps Day/Night: Day 75F, Night n/a
Humidity Day/Night: Day 65%, Night n/a
Ventilation: Yes, 4 inch 125cfm
A/C, Humidifier, Dehumidifier: no, yes, no
CO2: yes, once the grow gets into full swing

Hello all! Excited to get my first grow started. Started seeds in distilled water with peroxide for 18-hours, then paper towel for 24-hours. After 24-hours in paper had nice tap roots so I planted them into clear plastic cups (used clear so I could see root growth) and ProMix. Seedlings emerged 2 days later. Seedlings are now 3-days past emergence. I started 8 with the hopes I would have 4 viable plants. Right now it looks like I will have 6 to choose from.

I have been told by a seasoned grower that I should get my temperature up to 78-80 or the plants may become hermaprodites. Has anyone had this experience?

I currently have light 21” above the ladies dimmed to 50%. If I bump the light to 75% I think I can hit the 80 degree mark. If I do that is there anyway to tell if the plants are being burnt prior to them being burnt?

Currently I think all is going well, when I stumble I hope this fine group will help me up. I’m planning on updating on Sundays, except the 29th as I will be out of the country.

Hop along for the ride. All I know is what I’ve read, so please chime in if you see me going down a wrong road.


Follow up…I realized a mistake I made. Roots don’t like light! I have now placed my clear cups in nice red cups to keep the soil dark.


Suggestion… place your clear cups inside of colored cups. Roots do not like to be exposed to light. If/When you want to see root growth, pull clear cup out… take a peek, then put back in colored cup.

EDIT… nevermind, you caught it!

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I put all of my seedlings in starter peat pots. When i’m ready to go to their final home I just put the whole peat pot tight in the new pot. never interrupting the roots at all. The roots just grow right through the peat pot.

Look on track looks great welcome to the forum

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@raustin Worried about light burn on my young ladies so I borrowed a laser temperature gage. Soil temp measures 71 degrees. How is this temp?

I would say 71° is a perfect temperature for the soil, but it’s the leaves that you have to worry about. Raise your light a few inches if you’re worried.


1st post outta the gate, Starting out strong! Welcome to the forum :wave: @Bubblehead


Leaves are 71 also.

That’s a good temperature. I don’t think you have to worry.

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Couple pictures of my young ladies. This is the first time I have seen their leaves droop. They have been in soil for 7 days without any water. Sprouted for 5 days. Cups are quite a bit lighter than when I started I’m thinking they are looking for a little water. Looking for a little advice any suggestions would be welcome. @PurpNGold74 @GreenJewels @raustin @Budbrother



I don’t see anything out of the ordinary with them. They all look good to me. The soil looks to be plenty moist. Does it feel dry and/or look dry? Ak47 looks like it could be too wet even.

The center AK may still be a little wet, that plant was the last to show itself. I also have roots coming out of the bottom of my cups already. Is it normal to have the leaves droop like that?

They look good. Yes the leaves will droop after watering, if they’re over watered. Or even if it’s close to lights on or off. But I agree that one looks a little too wet. Cannabis can tolerate to dry better then to wet. So always try to err on the side of too little when watering until they get bigger.


Just another day in the grow tent, everything looks good. I’m normally a very patient person, you could ask my wife she’d agree. Watching my little ones grow is really testing my patients. I hate to admit it but I think I’ve fallen into the trap of instant gratification our society is getting used to so watching them grow is a nice change. Looking back at my pictures I realize how much they have grown since they first broke ground. The changes from Sunday to today are striking.

Thank you all for talking me off the ledge earlier this week. I’d like to believe that will be the last time but I know better.


I think the fact we get such a good reward at the end it makes that much harder to be patient. So you’re not alone.


Yes, I am impatiently watching my 2 new girls grow. I’m also impatiently waiting on my older blueberry to get done. Probably another month on her. The wait is so worth it. Once you have a small stock pile of smoke saved up, the waiting is a little bit easier :v:

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I think that is part of my problem. We have none on hand and all our eggs are in this basket. Plus, I really did not know what to expect this time around. I’ve seen lots of pictures of late veg growth and budding but not much seedling/early veg growth. I think I expected to go from seed to late veg growth overnight :rofl:


Mark this one down to a new grower question. I’m going to be away from home for 11-days. My little ladies will be taken care of by a sitter. They will be 12-13 days old when I leave. Should I think about transplanting them to a 1-gallon pot or their forever home before I leave? They are currently in 16 ounce plastic cups. If I leave them in the plastic cups, they will be 25-days old by the time I get to transplant them.

Thanks for your help.


I had a bone marrow biopsy today and the meds have my brain in a fog so bear with me :rofl:. Are they autos or photos? How old will they be when you leave? I transplant my at 2 weeks old but others wait a month.
I was using 3 gallon fabric pots but switched to 5 gallon fabric. You should reconsider your pot size. 1 gallon pots are to small imo
I would ask @raustin @PurpNGold74 @blackthumbbetty