Bruce Banner stopped growing

I have 6 small plants that seemed to have stopped growing. They are outdoors and it has been cold at night. (45 degrees). They are over 6 weeks old and about 4 inches tall. Could it be the cool weather that has stressed them out?


Yes it could be whats daytime temperature and are you in US

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At 45 they’re basically going to be hibernating, might not kill them but growth will be sloooww.


Is your summer beginning or ended?

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Day time temp is 70 -78 degrees in southeast Texas


Not the right time of year for outdoor here.

If you don’t have right amount of day light plus cool nights they could be stressed but some of these others might know more about south texas climate i will chim friend lives down your way @Retiredoldguy might be able help out @Atticus1962

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Are they autoflower?

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Another local grower! It’s really not the time for outdoor growing. We already had a hard freeze and February is when we usually get the cold weather for long periods of time. With the soil being cold after the last freeze it’s going to be very slow growth until March.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought.

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No they are feminized bruce banner

Yeah I think my last batch of Autos was flowering at the end of October waiting to be pulled for harvest “Croptober” and the temps were like yours…but that’s with and Auto during the end of flowering…I think you would be semi-eh! okay if it were an Auto but a photo…too cold.
Trial and error…and experimentation only make you as a grower stronger…Spring and Summer are coming soon…Ill bet you`ll try again and probably be really happy with it too!
Good Luck…P.S. I’m curious to see what they look like…any pics.?

4 inches tall? I would dig them up replant in some good soil and move them indoors. They won’t make Jan and Feb outdoor unless you cover them up at night.


Thanks for the advice and encouragement. Last year was my first grow and I had success despite the summer temperatures ranging from 80 - 100 degrees.
I’ll try and get some pics of my little gals and post them


I grew in an (unheated) tent last winter in a cold basement when the temps didn’t get above 63F.

Completely slowed down and stunted all 4 plants until I actually put heat in the tent late in the grow.

I sure learned my lesson.

Good luck!

@Atticus1962 No problemo… My heat two seasons ago was off the charts…109F…record here! in summer…but my babies still survived…I was scared though!! It was NOT the ideal temps but they pulled through… Ive noticed that when the night time temps got low nearing harvest in October the colder the nights were the better the smell and colors came out of the plants…* I may post soon on my lil “accident” seedling that was sprouted outside in the winter . I didn’t plant it …well its a long story …but we shall see!