Any suggestions on how to speed things up?

We are going to send out replacements right away, I’m sure you will have better results this time!

Tried to ruminate five seeds and I’m batting 1000!!! Plants look good for a first timer at this. My problem is they will never be ready by the time our New England cold sets in. Any suggestions on how to speed things up? All five are about 12" tall as of this writing. Any input would b great to help cover up my “screw up”

Are they autos, photos? Outdoor completely? What strain?

If they’re autos, they’ll finish when they finish. Photoperiod plants can be forced to flower at any point, really, but to do that you need to provide 12 hours a day of pitch darkness.

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I fimmed possibly early. Will my girl still grow taller? Its bushy for a small thing

@potluck1…too late in the outdoor growing season to do anything that will slow growth to harvest. First cold fronts are already coming down to South Texas. best is you can grow indoors.

Photos, 100 percent outdoors, full sun… About 10 hours right now.


Super skunk

Its indoor. I’m just wondering if it will still grow taller instead of just wider after fimming even if I may have fimmed early

A root stimulator. I use myco grow

10 hrs dark?

10 full sun and approximately 10 dark

About 2 hours low light

Wow!! What customer service!! I’m impressed!! Well, thanks for a second chance at this and I must say, it’s a leaning experience. Thanks to all thus far for recommendations on what I should and shouldn’t do. You guys get a five start from me and I will certainly pass along my experience with ILGM. Thank you again!


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Should I move them indoors and go with lights to prolong the grow? Is that even possible?

Yes. That is how many growers continue in the winter. And to save energy use a bit of sun throughout the day and light em up between. 18/6 is a great schedule

They will flower like they should I just wouldn’t expect a huge yield

Ok… That what I’m thinking. Wish I tried the earlier. Have to say though, I’m enjoying this hobby. Thanks to all for the help!