Bruce Banner - Auto

First time growing this strain and it seems awfully small. It is flowering and stands only about 8 inches. It is about 6 weeks and was grown in Fox Farm Ocean Forest in a 3 gallon fabric pot. Other than that it seems pretty healthy. Any thoughts or suggestions on it’s small size?

I’ve got a couple of runt autos. I was told that sometimes you get what you get.

If you don’t get them to grow robustly at the beginning, you can lose out. And sometimes you just get what you get.

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It sucks to put that much work into a runt, but it happens. One of the reasons I don’t do autos anymore.

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I see that you are growing outdoors and I’m assuming that your plant is about 7-8 weeks old.
If you don’t get enough sunlight during the veg period because of overcast skies the growth of the plant will suffer.
I planted 3 autos about 7 weeks ago also and I had nothing but cloudy skies for the first 3 weeks. The plants grew but side branches are almost non existent, and the growth is on the thin side

My plant is not a runt but growth did suffer.